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Abandoned Towers Issue 3

Abandoned Towers Issue 3

Published By Cyberwizard productions

Abandoned Towers’ third issue is the slickest one yet. It is a full 92 pages of Speculative Fiction and with cover art by Richard H. Fay, plus its new soft bound spine, it is looking real sharp.
Although Abandoned Towers tends to focus primarily on Science Fiction and Fantasy pieces, three tales of horror managed to creep into the current issue. The cover story by SJ Higbee, ‘The Ghost of Preston Manor,’ brings back shades of Poe. The English writer Higbee, makes the story of a ghost tour clutch at you with her vivid prose. When the tour ends with a seance that summons the tormented spirit of the house, trouble quickly ensues.
The second tale is my  own, Pathless, and is my personal tribute to HP Lovecraft and the hills of New England. When a young graduate gets hopelessly lost in an ill planned quest to find himself, he instead finds something else, a thing better left undisturbed and forgotten.
Lastly, we have Bradley H. Sinor’s, And The Wind Sang. Don’t let the title fool you. This is a story full of action that revolves around the continuation of the  noblest knight of King Arthur’s Round Table. Why, you might ask, are these adventures able to continue? Because, as the reader quickly learns, Sir Lancelot has been cursed to walk the decades as the living dead, a vampire. Upon returning to Camelot, Lancelot not only has to deal with a man masquerading to the great Knight Lancelot, but the mysterious power of the Armor of Loki.
Sinor has a whole series of these Vampiric tales that follow the thread of Lancelot’s cursed existence as the centuries pass. Since this is the first of this series, it is  worth checking out.
Twenty-seven other stories and features fill the rest of the pages. Abandoned Towers has obviously come a long way in just a short year.

Mike Griffiths


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