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The Vampire Flick Part 11

The Vampire Flick is an online collaborative story. The idea is simple: read the preceding part only, then write the next part. Below is part 11. If you want to write part 12, leave a comment and then post it on your blog or website.  Many thanks to Marilyn over at http://somenotesfromunderground.blogspot.com/ who originally started this project.

A new desire rolls over me.

Gone are my doubts, disappearing like dark mists in sunlight. Why should I cower, when I can embrace? I am the darkness, one with the night. Why should I hide, when I could stalk. Licking my lips, I long to stain them with the life blood of the paltry ones. Those that insulted and used me are now my prey, my cattle.

I am the dark beauty, the stalker in the darkness. Fear has passed through me, for now I am the bringer of terror.  Those that hurt me are now my playthings.

My clothes, I need something fitting for a goddess. Clinging to the blackness, I seek my prey. I linger outside a nightclub. The lonely and the beautiful filter in and out in the hopes of finding an answer, or a reason to live, in the arms of another, instead of finding a true path like I now have. After an eternity of waiting, but what is an eternity to one such as I, I spot her at last.

Her milky flesh contrasts sharply with her tight dress. Black, with matching heels. A worthy wardrobe for one such as I have become. She does not even have a chance to scream before my fangs have found her throat. Tearing it open, I feast.

Finally, he will be proud. Blood splatters, but I keep it clear of the dress. Casting away my old human clothes, I dress like a vixen, a predator, the succubus. This is but the beginning.


4 Responses to “The Vampire Flick Part 11”

  1. Well done, I enjoyed it. Thanks for being part of this. 😀

  2. Thanks for doing part 11.
    The previous 10 parts are collected here http://journal.neilcolquhoun.com/



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