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Fox News Special 5 Reasons We Should Remember To Hate Homosexuals.

In the chaos of world events and our declining economy, America has entered uncertain times. Many people are forced to hold down multiple jobs. Between juggling work and other responsibilities, as times get tighter and America decays under the weight of its own gluttony and selfishness, it is often harder to remember our moral priorities.  This is where Fox news has stepped up to bat by presenting a new hour long update entitled 5 Reasons Why We Should Remember To Hate Homosexuals.
With the liberals telling us that love is always okay on one hand, and the GLBT movement attempted to be treated fairly, a decent god fearing Christian can often lose their way within the fog of human rights advocation. After all, we all know that Jesus believed that we should love all mankind, unless they are different from us.
I could not hope to replicate all the profound wisdom that was inspired during this education program, but I will do my best to give justice to their highlights.
1. Homosexuality isn’t natural.
There are only a few hundred animals species that we have been discovered that engage in homosexual behavior. Obviously life can’t be created without a male and female component. One can look at our Christian male God for instance. Yes, he created life without a female, and we all know he is obviously male. So a male can create life without a female, but he didn’t need another male, until he created his male companions. Sure he could have created female companions first, but God liked hanging out with males. Yeah, it was a big sausage fiest in heaven, that is for sure, but he didn’t need their help to create more males and then a few more males. So what have we learned. God is male, liked hanging out with males, only created males at first, and didn’t need a woman to create more and more males. Now that we have that settled, moving on.
2. Homosexuality destroys the family unit.
Families should have two parents, we all know this. And just because the parents love each other and their children, doesn’t make things right. Children need to be raised by parents of each gender, of course unless, one parent has died, or the couple has become divorced, or the children have been taken away from an abusive parents. So besides the above, which currently makes up about two thirds of American families, we would not what to compromise our children with other types of loving parents.
3. Homosexuality is a cult that requites our children.
We all know that no one would want to a homosexual voluntarily, therefor our young must be being brainwashed my older homosexuals who wish to take advantage of their young fit bodies. Of course most children know they are different long before they are ever contacted by other homosexuals, but if we could just conceal that fact that homosexuality even exists, then these children might not know why they are different and would just remain uncertain and confused for the rest of their lives and would not that be much better? Saying that our youth can only become homosexual through converting them by others also brings up the point that there have to be a first homosexual somewhere, perhaps it could have something to do with all those male angels getting bored in Heaven so long ago.
4. Homosexuality sets a bad example.
In this modern world of pollution, war, lack of resources, and overpopulation, we all now that the job of a good Christian is to have as many babies as possible so we can continue the wars that help us steal resources form the infidels. More homosexuals means less children for our wars. Also this would end up using less resources and that is just Un-American.
5. Homosexuality is Decadent and Wrong.
For many people this is the strongest argument. First off Lesbians spoil women. Soon all women will be expecting to have an organism each time they have sex and that is a lot of extra work for most of Fox’s uninventive viewers. As far as gay men go, well that is just gross, am I right? And there are more of them than lesbians too. Some experts believe that 5% of all males are homosexual! Now, we all know that it is okay for 50% of the worlds population to have sex with men, but it is certainly not okay for 52.5% of the world’s population to be doing so.
It is out hope that we here at Fox have finally laid this matter to rest and the rest of us can move forward with our lives free of the fear and worry that some of our fellow American with alternative lifestyles are taking the Land OF The Free to mean that they should be free to do what they like with consenting adults.


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  1. Good, strong stuff… And I LOVE the Blog site!

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