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Jack Primus Versus the Creeper Part III

Once the Creeper was past me, I transformed back into a human as quickly as I could. The narrow canyon the Xemmoni was descending into was dark and full of shadows and my hope was that The Creeper would be thinking the rocky floor would obscure me and he would keep moving deeper into its depths.

Now, I just needed to get my legs back before he traveled too far. I ground my teeth in frustration as my scales were replaced with skin and leather while my hands slowly emerged from my growing appendages. But I was already moving before my legs had even fully formed.

I could hear The Creeper crashing below as I started to move over the lip of the canyon. Jumping over boulders and fallen logs, I endeavored to keep up with him. Luckily, the cluttered canyon floor was slowing down even that monster’s forty foot stride.
I was jumping over another log, when an idea came to me. A wicked smile must have owned my face, for a moment, as I crouched down and grabbed up a fallen pine that was around seventeen feet in length and ended in a nasty jagged point.

“Oh yeah, this outta get his attention.”

I was far enough away from the manor that the trees, Yig’s trees, were able to obey my commands. The bark entwined around my fingers as I tore the pine form the clinging earth. Sprinting with my massive weapon, I raced toward the cliff face. Luck was still with me for The Creeper was directly below.

With a yell, fed by the insanity of my actions, I leapt off the cliff with my oversized spear. Riding the javelin like a surfboard, I pummeled into the rocky canyon.

The Creeper looked up at the last moment and that was a mistake for the tip of my massive spear took him in the mouth! His plate sized teeth shattered and snapped as the log broke through them and embedded itself in the back of the Caradon’s throat. His roar become a scream of agony, which was quickly drowned in a jet of blood.

I held on, using my body weight to try to drive it deeper while my boots went for the a-hole’s eyes. With a wet roar, The Creeper lashed out and the log broke with a violent crack and I found myself spiraling towards the boulders below.

With a sudden twist, I trust my arms toward The Creeper and laughed at his pain as the remainder of my log dug into his side, tearing into his flesh, and slowing my descent. That is, until The Creeper’s car side foot kicked me.
It felt like I had been hit by a bus and more of my ribs had snapped than I thought I had. And then the real pain hit when I crashed into a cluster of rocks. My body hung broken and limp and as the titanic form of The Creeper stumbled towards me, I knew I had to act fast before the rock that had just broken my arm became my tombstone.

To be continued.

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