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Feel Free/ I Hate You When You Are Pregnant/Swordsmen Review

I thought I was going to be late, but I had timed it well and got to catch up with a few people before the music silenced such things. Did you know that World of Warcraft characters can be kidnaped and sold for profit? Thanks Wog!

Mia’s was comfortably full. Just enough people to be hopping, but not impossible to get a beverage. There was an odd heterogeneity there. No one seemed to be in the same click. No theme or trend. A lot of single people were there and I imagined it was like a giant game of go fish. “Hi, I’m a Jack.”

“Oh sorry hun, I’m a 3, go fish.”

The Swordsmen played first. I recognized a few of these folks. I found them creative, original, and enjoyable. They had their own voice and I think they pulled off what they were going for. My only negative observation was that they seemed to be trying a little too hard and it was noticeable. I think if they relaxed just a tad and let it happen more naturally, these guys could end up being a pretty strong band.

Feel Free was next (and then again last). I hadn’t seen these guys for a while and it was great to get another chance. Every time they play, I have a great time. Also there is one thing about this band, if you don’t like a rift or song, don’t worry, it will change in a few seconds. Ballz sung their Husker Du cover, which I always enjoy. I found their energy level contagious.

If these guys had H1N1 the whole audience would die.

I Hate You When You Are Pregnant was next or at I like to call th(him) IHYWYAP, or maybe I High Wrap, when is a support group for people that wrap present badly or young Rappers whose voices haven’t broken yet. Phil is a popular man, especially with the ladies. I just worry about all the work he must do to stay in such fine shape, I mean if he starts slipping and puts on a serious beer gut, everyone in Flag will know.

His energy level was high and he went into his weird Phil-world as soon as that disco beat came on. Soon, I wanted to strip down myself and make up songs about teenaged vampire love and androids that run on Dr Pepper.

Feel Free took us home again, but I watched this part from the bar, or should I say it became a background groove for conversation and people watching. I ended up telling half a dozen folks about a show, but gave the wrong location. Ahh, always winning trust and friends.

In closing, I would like to say that Mia’s is a great place to see shows. There is elbow room and a generalized good feel to the place. I think Dave has done a fine job and keep those beers flowing buddy.


Mike Griffiths


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