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Flagstaff’s Downtown Internet Ranking

         I know this one isn’t a big deal if you don’t live in Flagstaff, but if you do this list could be very helpful.

          These days, there are about as many different reasons to get onto the Internet, as there are people. Just as cell phones are now becoming more popular than land lines, laptops are on their way to replacing desk tops.

          So whether you are checking a social site, updating a web page, shopping, paying bills, or even going all ‘old school’ and just checking your email, you might want to be able to do it downtown while kicking back with a cold one or maybe getting a bite to eat. But if you really need to get online in Flagstaff, where is the best place to go? Also if you have something important that you need to do, you don’t want to end up ordering a beer and a few chicken wings just to discover the place is about as online friendly as the bottom of Walnut Canyon.

          So I set out to make the supreme sacrifice. Yes, I was going to sit down and have a drink in every bar in Flagstaff Downtown area. I know, I know, hard job, but someone had to do it and I was ready to take a hit for the team.

          I was going to rate each place on three different standards.

  1. Could I just get on with ease?
  2. Could I get on with help?
  3. Can you shark onto another server there even if the bar doesn’t have one.


Flagstaff’s Downtown Bars:

          Alpine Pizza

          No problems here. You might not suspect this tried and true Flagstaff legend to be running the net fantastic, but we had no problems here. Super fast and easy. I even showed a few people the cover of my Chronicles of Jack Primus book, Hail Yig!

          Altitudes Bar

          We tried here and didn’t have any luck.

          Brews and Cues

          A Dead Zone


          Despite how much I love Charlie’s (It was the first place I took my wife on a date and our writing group meets there) I would have to say it scores pretty low. Sometimes you can shark in on another person’s server, but this was pretty hit and miss. I tried to do this only to have my things lost halfway through. Cathi and Zano were able to do it for a few minutes, so it isn’t impossible, but it isn’t reliable either.


          No love here.


          I tried for about ten minutes, no luck. I asked and they looked at me like I was a fool. Their chicken wings were good though. I wrote my Jack Primus post and then headed to the Wine Loft to send it off.


          This was one of the bigger surprises for me, but Maloney’s is wired up. Good connection going on here. It might seem a bit too hopping to be a good online venue, but their happy hour specials rock. This might be a good after work drop off point to get some action done on the way home.


          This is a great bar run by a cool guy. The Internet service worked well here, but you do have to hit them up for the code first. I got a few more, “what the hell is that nerd doing,” looks here than a few other places, but these didn’t bother this guy.

          Monte V

          No problem here. These guys are all hooked up. I was also able to recharge my battery, which was desperately needed at the time. I hope I didn’t get anyone in trouble by using my Noise writer clout to get myself a free beer.


          These guys don’t have their own link, but they are so centrally located that you can find someone else’s to jump on.

          Pay and Take

          These guys have it going on. It can get a little crowded to do a lot of net-running here, but if you drop by during non-peek hours you should be fine.

          The Green Room

          This place might be my favorite new place to go to get some online networking down. The prices are very reasonable. They have huge couches with a few places to plug in and on weekdays the place doesn’t get too loud. These guys also have food going on and sometimes even free food. The WIFI is easy to jump on here and I have to say I’m liking The Green Room and putting it in my Top Three places

          Tacos Locos

          I had to try a few times, but when I busted out with my Comfig I was able to do it and did not have any issues once I got going. Nice tables to work on and not too noisy. Might not be the worst place for a meeting of the minds.

          The Mad Italian

          You have to get the secret password here. Once you do that, it worked well. The music helped me rock through some PR action and increase my already growing buzz.

          The Wine Loft

          This is one of the best places in Flagstaff. It is always quick and easy. You don’t need any help from anyone and you can even plug your laptop in at a few different spots. The music is good and the place doesn’t tend to get super loud overall this place gets my highest rating. The downside is the limited food selection, which can hold you back if you are trying to make the long haul.

          Uptown Billiards
          Yes, these guys are no slackers. They have it running smoothly here. James Jay runs a professional writers friendly establishment.


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