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To Good to be True

Vaugh seemed like such a perfect man. He wasn’t only handsome, but also intelligent and clever. This made it all the more surprising that Amy had met him at a Vamp bar.

Compared to many of the living dead that she had meet in this city, she was still very young. She sighed, thinking that next year she would finally triple the amount of years she had been dead over her twenty living one

Amy had no illusions regarding why her former lover Atavious had made her into a vampire. She had been young, hot, and not much else to him.  He had sought to preserve her 36cs and flowing blonde hair for all eternity. Overall she didn’t mind, but she did get lonely.

She and Atavious hadn’t lasted a decade. Since then, she had bounced from lover to lover. She had dated older men as a breather, but never three hundred years older. Men of all varieties sought her for the same reason Atavious had and she certainly never had any trouble feeding. Still, most of the eternals she had dated liked her rack more than her mind and nothing lasted too long with those older self-absorbed pompous pricks. She had thought mortal men were jerks; they were shining gems compared to the grandiose vamps that had been around a few centuries.

Vampire Bimbo

Vampire Bimbo

She sighed again. The movement caused her chest to heave which sent about ten guys looking her direction, but where was Vaugh? He was the only person she was interested in. In her eighty years she had never fallen for someone so quickly and her unbeating heart was all aflutter.

Although he hadn’t told her, she suspected he was still pretty young, even younger than her, but that might be a good thing. She had certainly had no luck with the older crowd.

Her mind lingered as she fought off man after man who offered her a dozen different prizes to be able to share the booth with her. A particularly persistent blood bag was hounding her, when Vaugh finally arrived. With a fanged smile, he spotted her at once and headed her way.

“Beat it or I’ll break you neck,” she said under her breath and the bag quickly scampered away.

Black leather opened to show off his buff chest quite nicely, when he sat across from her. He grasped her pale hand for a moment and said, “How is my dark angel?”

“Fine, now that you are here,” she said with a smile and wondered if she had eaten enough to blush.

“Glad to hear it. I had a great time talking with you last night. I’m glad you sent me that text telling me that you would be here.” He was stumbling over his words a bit and in a way she found very cute.

They hadn’t so much as kissed yet, but she was hoping they might tonight and from the way he was looking at her, she figured that such thoughts were running through his mind as well.

Vampire Hottie

Vampire Hottie

The small talk moved from pleasantries and compliments towards subjects far more intense. They discussed goals and even the meaning of life itself. Before long, he had moved next to her. His knee brushed hers and their lips were only inches away.

It didn’t take too much longer for him to kiss her. Their tongues danced. He was so warm and she thought it was sweet of him to drink so deeply before meeting her. When they came up for air, Vaugh said, “We should head out to my car. The moon is full tonight. Let me take you for a drive.”

Smiling, she tilted her head while her soft voice replied, “I think I’d like that.”

Lips pulled back exposing her fangs, which her passion has caused to grow. It was his turn to grin. Grasping her hand gently, they hurried out the door.

*        *        *

They drove for hours, until Amy almost began to get nervous that dawn would be up, before he ever pulled over. She should have known he was taking her to someplace special. “I had no idea there was a section of woods so beautiful this close to the city,” she squealed while clutching his arm.

“This is my secret place. My dad used to take me here as a kid.”

“How long ago was that?”

“Um…. not too long ago I guess, fifteen years maybe.” Finding a secluded clearing, he pulled his sports car into the dirt lot and shut off the engine.

“Wow, you really are young.”

“You look younger than me.”

“Oh course I do silly, don’t you like me this way?”

Smiling he said, “Well yeah. I mean hell yeah!” She tried not to grin too much as his lips found hers.

Her eyes grew red as once again her passion began to build. His lips dropped down to her neck and she could feel his pointed fangs nibbling on her throat. She thought he was going to drink of her, but instead he seemed more interested in moving his hands over her ample breasts.

His kisses continued down from her shoulder. He helped himself to pulling her dress down and she gasped when her breasts were exposed. Both hands and lips played over them. She arched her back, moaning gently. Again, she was expected him to bury his fangs into her soft flesh. He certainly wouldn’t have been the first man to drink from her rack. But again he failed to do so.

She needed him. This teasing was growing too intense. As he took her right nipple into his mouth, Amy bent forward and buried her fangs into Vaugh exposed neck. Yet, before she could even draw more that a mouthful of his precious liquid into her mouth, he jerked back screaming. “What are you trying to do? Kill me!”

She was confused, but then the taste of his blood sunk in.

Vaugh was a mortal!

Moving away, she stared at him in shock.

He pulled his hand away from his neck. It was awash with blood. “Are you nuts? I think you really hurt me.”

“Vaugh… I… I thought you were a vampire.”

“A what, you really are nuts. I don’t mind playing around, you Goth girls are always hot, but I don’t go for the blood drinking thing.” Placing his hand back on his neck, he growled. “Hello? AIDS? Anyone home? How stupid can you be? I don’t know what you were thinking. Have other guys let you do this or did you start with me?”

Amy was sinking into herself. She had really liked Vaugh, but now he was being so mean. She was not sure what to do. She couldn’t believe she could be this confused. How could she have let her affection for him blind her to the fact he was a mortal? She had thought he had recently fed and that was why he was so warm, but she should have known better. “How could I be so wrong?” she said softly.

“Yeah, I’ll say. I was really looking forward to this, but now I think I should probably go to the hospital.”

Sure she had made a mistake, but he was being so mean. For a moment she considered giving him eternity’s embrace, but she had been with too many mean men and been called stupid too many times. Just because she was pretty didn’t mean she was stupid. She hated being called stupid.

“I really thought you were a vampire.”

“What because of these fake teeth. How stupid are you? Do you believe in vampires?”

“Oh yes, I think I do,” she said and then batted his hand away from his neck.

“What the hell!”

“More like what from hell,” she said, and then sprung at him. He screamed when her fangs once again buried themselves in his neck. His fists began to smash into her, but she could barely feel them. Normally she just drank enough to survive and left the pretty boy with a faded memory and an awful hangover, but Vaugh had called her stupid one too many times and she really hated that. So she drank him dry.

Once finished, she exited the car and straightened her dress. She still had a few hours until dawn and getting a ride would only take her a few minutes in the dress she was in.

Moving slowly due to all she had eaten she began to prepare the car. She felt bloated as she opened the gas tank. Rubbing her forehead she gasped. “Oh my, it has been a long time since I have been this stuffed.”

After lighting the car on fire, she hurried to the road. Amy was right; it only took nine minutes before a group of drunken frat boys picked her up.

“So what is your name pretty thing?”

“I’m Amy,” she said shyly.

“Amy huh, do you like to party?”

“Oh you could say that,” she replied as the headlights disappeared over the hill. Behind them an inky cloud of smoke was just beginning to rise out of the forest.

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