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Dahtoe and the Sailor


Hmm, hungry. Hungry. Hungry.

Fish or crabs?

Feeling like food would be good now. Sigh. But my wings are sore after flying all the way out to the small land. Why did I fly out here? I was lucky to find the small land, but now I will have to fly back. I do not want to fly back. It is so far.

The warm eye is big here. I feel hot.

I am hungry. Hungry. Hungry.  Hungry.

I should get food, but do I really want to bother. My wings are so sore. I should just walk. Yep, I’m going to walk to the edge of the wet.

Ahh, what is that? It is moving up onto the small land. Is it food? I might as well walk over there. No food, uh oh. Oh oh. I better move away. Mooooovvvving away. Movvving away. Should I fly? No, I’ll stay and watch. If the maker tries to get me I’ll go.

The maker does not look too good. He is making sounds like bend wing made when she ate the shiny bit. If he dies, maybe I can eat him a little. No, he is getting up now with lots of noises. Moving away. Moving away.

He still does not sound good. Maybe I will be able to eat him soon. I wonder what a maker tastes like? He is sitting down already and looking around. Oh he is looking at me. Moving away. Moving away. Moving away.

Does the maker want to eat me? Makers eat anything. Hah, I eat anything too.

The maker is just staying there.

Oh a crab and big dead crab. I have to go get it. I am going to go get it.

Oh wait what is the maker doing? He is coming after me. Flying. Flying away. Oh my wings are sore. I need to land. What is the maker doing?

What? Oh no, he is stealing my crab. Bad, bad maker. He took it. I knew they ate everything. I’m so hungry. Why did he have to do that?

Why is the maker looking at me now? He must want to eat me too.

Wait, he dropped a leg. Is he going to move away?

He is moving. I am going to go get the leg. Very nice. It was too small though. I wish there was more. Is he going to drop more?

Following. Following. Wait don’t get to close. I’m glad there are no more gulls here. I’m lonely though. I’m lonely, but if he drops another leg at least I will not have to share.

He dropped another leg. Oh yes, I’m going to get it. So good.

Oh no the maker is sitting down. If he drops another leg I will not be able to get it now.

Oh no he is watching me. He wants to eat me too. I better get ready to fly away.

What, wait. Why did he throw a leg towards me? I don’t care, I’m going to, wait it could be a trap. No I do not care. I am so hungry. I’m going to get it. Oh yes that was good.

What is he doing? He is squawking the weird why they do.

“Are you here all alone too, guy?” What is he looking around for? “Yep, it looks like you are. This is pretty far out here guy. Did you fly out here alone?”

He is giving me another leg. Oh yes. Oh Yes. Oh that was bigger than the last one.

“Well little guy. I think this island is a too small to be hiding some Club Med, so I suppose it is just us here huh. I guess we have something in common. I have no way to get off of here and it would be a very long flight for you.”

I wish he would shut up. His noises are annoying. Worse than a beach full of chicks.

Oh he is tossing the rest of the crab to me. Maybe he is not so bad, as long as he does not eat me. Maybe later I can still eat him.

The maker is looking around again. As long as he is not looking at me I guess things are okay.         

“Not much going on here is there little guy? At least we have a few trees. I suppose I will not have to eat my next crab raw if I can get a fire going. Still, I doubt that will be an easy task.” Looking around will not even make him stop his chatter. “ Maybe I should work on making a shelter first. It sure is hot here.”

The maker is standing up. Is he coming for me? Moving away. Moving away.

“It is okay little guy. I have a feeling you are the only friend I’m going to have around here and maybe you are as trapped as me. My whole life was on that boat, but I guess it won’t matter if I can’t get back to the mainland.”

I wonder if he will try to throw me more legs? Maybe I should follow him just in case. Oh no, he is showing his teeth. The maker wants to eat me.

“Come on little fella, let’s look over this island. I have a feeling it is not going to take long.” Why has he stopped moving? “Wait, I don’t even have a name for you.” He sure is ugly. “You seem to have a weird dot on you middle toe there. I guess I will call you Dahtoe after dot toe. Well, come on then let’s go.”

I wonder if he is going to throw me another leg?

                                               *        *        *

The maker is making a nest. This is what they do, but even I can make a nest and this maker is going about it all wrong. I would not trust him to watch an egg shell.

He has given me more legs and a few other things, but he always keeps more than he gives. Why is he so selfish? All he thinks about is himself. I wish there were other gulls around so I could have something interesting to do instead of watching the maker make things.

My wings are still sore. I would like to leave, but they are still sore. The idea of flying over the big wet again is scary. I don’t want to. I’m not even sure which is the best way to go.

I will stay here longer.

                                               *        *        *

La, la, la. I am getting wet. So warm today. Good to get wet. La, la, la. What oh no. Something has me. Oh no. Oh no. I must fly. It has my wing. Go away bad fish. Leave me. What it is leaving. The maker scared it off. Good maker. It saved me. Oh, but I hurt. Hurt. Not feeling well. The water is red. My wing hurts so much. Can’t fly.

“Oh no, little guy. It’s okay. It’s okay. I’m just trying to help.”

No, no, no. Put me down. Put me down. Put me down. Can’t get away. Oh no. I’m hurt. I can’t get away. The maker is going to eat me!

“Good bird, Good Dahtoe. I’m not going to hurt you. That’s it. I think your wing is broken. Looks like no flying for you for a while, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

I don’t feel so good.

                                               *        *        *

I hate sky wet. So much water. Water everywhere. Water. Water. Water. Wet feet wet feathers. Wet. I’m wet. Maker’s nest is not very good. Still wet. Wing hurts. Maker is coming back. Oh has food. Maker is not so bad. Gimme food. Gimme food.

“Here you go little guy. Good Dahtoe. Is your wing doing better? I sure hope I set it right, but either way don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.

What is a Dahtoe?

                                               *        *        *

What is he doing now? Why is he wasting time with those tree fall downs when he could be finding more food? Find me food. Find me food.

That is the worst nest I have ever seen. Who would want to make a flat nest? What good is that?

“Watch out Dahtoe. Why are you always underfoot buddy? You can’t be hungry again. I just feed you half an hour ago. Come on, if your wing does not get any better this raft is going to be your only chance to get off of this speck of land too.”

Why isn’t he getting me more food?

                                                 *      *     *

This is more like it. The maker is hunting and is getting a lot of food. Wait, why is he putting it on top of the nest. I can’t get it up there. Give me food. Give me food. Why is he so cruel?

“Calm down Dahtoe. We need to save some food for our trip.”

Oh, just when I was almost starting to like him the maker is being mean. Bad maker. I should peek him the next time he goes to sleep.

Maybe I can climb to the top of the nest. Wait he is coming back with more. Give me the food. Oh no, he put it on the top of the nest again. Cruel, cruel maker.

                                               *        *        *

What, wait, put me down. Put me down. Oh please put me down.

“Ouch, dang Dahtoe quit peeking me. It is time to go. I have to go and if that wing does not mend, I don’t think you could make it here, so you better come with me.”

Oh no. Put me down. Why are we on his flat nest? Oh we are going out into the big wet. What is he crazy? Oh put me down before it is too late.

I could still paddle back.

Oh it is too late now. I can’t see the small land. Stupid maker. Now the fish will eat us. I wish I could eat him. Oh wait, he is giving me food.

“Relax Dahtoe. I’m going to put you down now. Here is some fish.”

Good maker.

                                               *        *       *

So hot. So hot. I’m hot. I’m really hot. Get into the wet. Get out of the wet. I’m hungry.

                                               *       *        *

The maker does not look so good. Why isn’t he giving me food anymore? Did he just bring me so he could eat me? Oh no. I should escape, but I still can’t fly and there is nothing but the big wet. He does not look so good. I’m sure he will try to eat me soon.

                                               *        *        *

What. What is that noise? Oh scary big nest with a lot of makers. One of them is going to want to eat me for sure. Why is my maker being so noisy? Stop jumping. You will break the flat nest.

Put me down. Put me down. Oh I’m being taken into the big nest. They’ll be eating me for sure.

                                               *        *        *

“I still can’t believe you found me. I’m not sure how I can ever thank you Captain Evans.”

“Just Red is fine. He sure is a little peculiar guy. What is the deal with the gull anyway?”

“I think he was lost. I never saw another gull the whole time I was marooned there. He was in as much trouble as me I think. Then when a sand shark bit his wing, I knew he would die if I did not take care of him. He is a good little guy. Shoot he was the only company I had over the last year. If it was not for him I think I would have gone crazy.”

Why won’t they stop squawking? Can’t they see how hungry I am? I know I smell food. Give me more food. Oh wait; the other one is trying to touch me. Moving away. Moving away.

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  1. This one has always been a real favourite of mine!

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