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Dahtoe and Sheba

Put me down. Put me down. Oh I wish I could fly. Put me down. Oh wait, what is that thing? I don’t like those things. So much fur. I don’t like things with fur. Even Makers don’t have that much fur.

It is looking as me.

Don’t put me down. Don’t put me down.

“Dang Dahtoe, will you relax?”

“I think that Sheda is scaring him.”

“Geez, Ellie that is not too surprising. Sometimes your cat even scares me.”

“Well you better get used to it if you are going to live here. Besides Dahtoe is nearly as big as she is anyway.”

Oh no, oh no. Don’t put me down near that furry thing. See the way it is looking at me. Those are evil eyes. I can tell it wants to eat me.

“Go on Dahtoe meet your new friend. “

Get away, oh no. Get away, get away nasty thing. Running. I need to run away. Wish I could fly. Ahh. Trying to fly. Stupid Maker things, always in the way. Must get higher. Get higher. It can reach me in I get higher.

“Oh my God, he is trashing me place!”

“Dahtoe, bad Dahtoe. Come here. Opps.”

Why are they squawking so much when it is my life that is in danger?




Why are the Makers touching their beaks like that? Oh no, are they mating, how gross. I hope they do not mate, the last thing we need is little Maker chicks running around. That four leg beast is bad enough.

Where is my food? I am so hungry. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry. I know that four legs wants to eat me. I’m going to peck it when it sleeps. I hate four legs. I am hungry.




La la la. I like food. Food is good. This is good food. What, stop looking at me. It wants to eat me. I just want to eat this food. On no here it comes. Moving away. Moooovving away.

What why isn’t it- Hey get away from my food. Oh you don’t like it. Well I like your food fine. La la la. Eating your food. La la la eating your-. Hey watch it. Need to get high. Stupid four legs, that hurt. Maker stuff all over the place. They make a lot of noise when they break. I hope they didn’t need those.




“I think we just need to make sure they are in separate rooms when we leave.”

“What, I hope you are not blaming this on Sheba are you? Look at her food. She never eats that much in just a few hours. Your stupid seagull not only ate all his food, but all of her food too. She must have just been defending herself.”

“Honey, Dahtoe is just like that. He never stops eating. It must be a gull thing.”

I wish they would stop their squawking. All that food I ate is making me want to take a nap.

Ooooo don’t touch me.

“He tried to bite me.”

“Bad Dahtoe.”

I wish they could quiet down. I’m still sleepy. The four leg’s food is good. I’m going to eat it all the time.




I thought they would never leave, but why am I in here? I can’t get to the furry fiend’s food. Maker left me some food. I hope he comes back quickly this is not enough to last me long. Yummy food. I like food. Like eating food.

Why is it all gone already?

Is there more? No only water. Maybe I can find more food if I look hard enough.

Looking for food. Need to find more food. Get out of my way. I’m looking for food. Why do makers have so much junk in their nests? It makes looking for food harder when I have to keep pushing it all out of the way.

Wait what is this?

Some strange nest is blocking me for the furry’s food. It is shiny, but not very thick. Maybe I can pick through. I should pick through. I’m going to peek through. This is taking so long, but I can smell more food. The hole is bigger. Squeeeeezzzzing through. Squeezzzzzzing through. Ouch. Stupid nest.

Oh yes food. Where is the furry? Oh it is looking at me from outside of the nest. I bet it must be cold out there. I’m eating your food. Yes, eating your food.

It looks angry.

That was good. Is there any more food around here? Getting higher. Weird round food. Hard to get, but I’m sure I can if I try hard enough. There goes more maker junk. I wonder why they kept those so close to the edge?




I wish they would quiet down. Squawk, squawk, squawk. I had a busy day. Why did the female Maker just slam the door so loud? Don’t they know I like to take a nap after I eat? My Maker keeps staring at me. Ouch that was loud. At least they are both gone now and I can finally get some sleep.




“There I put a piece of plywood over the hole in the screen. I batted down the hatches on the front porch. We should be ready to go.”

“It is so cute when you use those nautical terms, even when you live in Wisconsin.”

Ooo they are touching beaks again. If they have chicks I’m going to try to escape. Hmmm, he left me food again. That was good. I hope they get back soon. I will be hungry again soon.

Where are they? I’m going to starve.

So hungry. So…what was that? Angry clawing sounds. It must be the furry. It is trying to get me. It is trying to get me. Get high get …wait it is clawing on the harder flat nest that my Maker put up. On no it is falling in. Here it comes.

I wish I could fly. Oh ow. Stay back you nasty fur face. Oh ow. That hurt. It is trying to eat me. Must escape.

Going through the hole. Oh there is its food. Should I eat it, no, no time!

Get high. Get high. Stupid makers put things everywhere. Those make a lot of noise when they break. Ha the furry does not like that. I’m going to break more. How do you like that fur face?

Oh no it is up here. Moving away. Trying to fly. Stupid wings. Stupid maker stuff always everywhere. Oh I guess that broke. Why is it darker now? Oh here it comes.

Escape. Escape. Escape.




Why is his mate making that odd noise?

“This is too much. I can’t take it anymore. Look at my grandmother’s crystal plates. They are all broken. And poor Sheba. She is covered in bird poo. Stop it. It isn’t funny. Either that bird goes or you both do.”

“Come on honey. I can’t give him up.”




Take this off me. Take it off. Why is this on my neck? Why is my Maker carrying so much? It is like he has put half his nest onto his back.

“Great job Dahtoe. Now we are homeless again. I guess I’ll have to call my mom. I can’t think of anything else to do.”

Why is this on my neck?

“I just hope she likes you better than Ellie did. At least she does not have any cats.”

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