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Waste a Night

This story Orinigally appeared in the Sonar 4 Magazine

“I think that in we are all vampires to a greater or lesser extent.”

Shaking his head, Alec muttered, “shut up,” and then hoped that by focusing on his beer he could convince himself that Brian was not there.

Undaunted Brian continued. “We all drain each other in some manner.”

“I feel like you are draining me.”

“You see; I bet I am. You do not want to hear this, so I am draining your energy. I’m gathering your energy by forcing my opinion on you. Therefore…” Brian went on, his voice filling with a self-righteous boom that Alec felt the situation hardly warranted. Both of them were twenty-eight, single, and marginally employed. Alec was a riverboat rafter, who was currently celebrating his return to town and more importantly a big paycheck. Brian was an overqualified bartender with a master’s degree.

Brian was the type of guy how would call the drunks on what they said in the middle of the night. He was also the kind of guy to hang out in the bar he worked in even on his night off, which was where Alec had found him. Even though they had been friends since high school, Brian could be a pain.

“Think about chicks.”

“I already was.”

“They drain you. When did you have a girlfriend with did not suck the life out of you?”

“My aren’t we the cheery one tonight.”

The Joint was not the classiest bar in town. The bar itself was nice, a rich stained walnut, which was an extension of the old wild west, but it ended there. The rest of the place was cheap posters, old pool tables, and restaurant rejects. Still, it was grungy enough that people came here for a reason, not just to make some poseur scene.  A few people lingered around, but no one Alec felt a desire to talk to. The night was still young and things could certainly improve.

Before long they had headed out for a smoke. Brain had a rolly, while Alec risked taking a quick hit out of his dug out.

“Dude you should not do that here.”

“Screw you. What is the matter am I draining your energy now?” They both looked at each other then burst out laughing. They were still laughing when a group of four very large men shouldered by them, entering the bar. They were squarish wide men and all strangely similar, like they could have been brothers. Alec squinted at them as their black tangled mops of hair disappeared into the bar.


“That was weird. Have you seen them in here before?”

Without looking back at him, Brian said, “nope, can’t say I have.” After another eight seconds, he continued, “maybe we should go back inside.”

Upon entering, they found the four men gone. “What the hell,” Alec said, drawing the words out. “They did not all go into the bathroom, they could barely fit?”

Heading to his co-worker, Brian quickly asked him, “what happened to those four big guys?”

Without much emotion the bartender nodded his head towards Alec. “He is the biggest guy I have seen in here tonight.”

On a whim, Alec checked the dingy restroom. He found it empty.

Once their stools were reclaimed, they looked at each other without knowing what to say. Brian’s eyes went wide and Alec threw a glance over his shoulder. Then his eyes went wide too. Out of the woman’s rest room came pouring four of the most attractive women he had ever seen, each dressed like a Hollywood runway tramp. He stood up as the two of the women went over to a couple of guys playing pool and began to hang all over them. A third moved her hips like a swaying serpent as she advanced on a man playing pool with his girlfriend. The girlfriend did not looked pleased when the new woman’s long red nails trailed down his chest.

That left one and she headed towards them. “I hate to sound like a wuss, but you can have her,” Alec said.

Heels clicked like tiger nails as the vixen neared. A black skirt the size of a face cloth could not conceal the tops of her stockings. Little attempt had been made to conceal her well-formed upper half. Lace, nylon, and leather covered the rare areas there were not exposed.

“Um, I’m not sure I want her.” She continued to smile despite their words.

“What the hell is the manner with you guys,” the bartender said.

“You did not see them come in?” He had no response to that.

“Hi boys,” she said with a voice like candy.

They took a couple of steps back while Alec said, “Hi there, we did not see you come in.”

“Oh we were just fixing our hair in the little girls room. Do you like?” she asked while bouncing her long amber locks.

“Did you happen to see four big fellas in there?” Brian asked.

Her eyes narrowed and she turned towards the bartender. With a flick of her wrist she said, “so long little boys. You had your chance and you blew it.”

As the sultry woman nearest to them began to stroke the bartender’s face, another scene was unfolding in the poolroom. The first two guys were already making out with their girls. The girlfriend was confronting the third. A scream had brought their attention towards her and they looked just in time to see the girlfriend get dashed to the floor.


“What the hell are you doing?” The boyfriend said, grabbing the girl’s wrist.  Disregarding his aggressive move, she pressed herself against him. This gave the girlfriend enough time to smash her cue stick against the vixen’s back.

She barely flinched.

Brian’s pint slipped from limp fingers to shatter of the floor when the tramp became the one of the giant broad shouldered men they had seen before. The one to there left and the other two were still delightfully female, and happy to be making out with the men they had picked. The male however, began to lay into the couple with fists the size of six packs. He did not just beat them up. The man’s head shattered a mirror while one punch sent two of the woman’s teeth flying.

“Oh no,” Alec whispered. They were trying to work up the courage to help when they saw that the three men were not fairing well. The first two were the worst. Already they looked like they had aged twenty years. Their arms were withered and trembling. Hair began to go gray than white.

Now the unfortunate couple lay on the floor, beaten senseless. Then before their eyes the stocky man became female again and began heading towards the two of them.

“Frank, goddamn it Frank!” Brian was yelling at the bartender. “Stop it man. She is really a dude.”

Even as they watched, Frank’s hair was turning white.

Alec grabbed Brian’s arm. “We have to go.”

“Why the hurry boys,” the sultry voice sounded again.

“She sounds exactly like the other one,” Alec said, with a tremor in his voice.

“I do not think these are people at all,” Brain whispered under his breath.

“Duh,” Alec managed to say despite his growing terror.

The woman advanced on them. Fishnet stockings ran from four-inch heels to garter belt, which the slight skirt did little to hide. The rest of her looked good enough to be a model after the airbrushing. Hips moved to her internal rhythm as she continued to act like no one was being killed on either side of her.

“Come here fellas, I think I might be enough to share.”

They continued to back pedal away from her, but were unable to remove their eyes. Alex knew that they her doppelgangers were killing the other men in the bar. He knew she was not even really a woman, but he wanted her anyway. She was drawing him to her, feeling him with a burning need. Within moments he went from being shattered with fear to be willing to fight his way past Brian to get to her.

“Hey, what they hell is going on in here? Oh man these girls are hot. Holy crap what happened to those guys?”

The young man stepped between Alex and Brian and that was all it took. It could have been that his voice broke her spell or that he had drawn closer to her, but for whatever reason, Alec and Brian were able to break themselves away from her hold.


She clutched at the new man, like a hungry corpse and soon he was as helpless as the others. The door stood a good twenty feet behind them, and they were about to turn for it when two of the wide men came looping around them. The friends were forced to retreat to the bar. The stocky men continued by as though Alec and Brian were invisible. Soon the female, which had been draining Frank, transformed into one of the square shouldered brutes and followed the other out, almost bowling them over in the process.

As they watched the college kid became a withered husk. With a final sexy smile she morphed into the last of the oversized men and with a lumbering gate was out the door and out of their lives.

For some time they just stared at the door. “Oh God, please help me,” the wounded girl whimpered.

“Oh man,” Brian said, and a second later he was hopping over the bar and calling 911 as quickly as his trembling fingers would allow.

Together they used what little first aid they could until the emergency personal arrived. Soon the victims were gone. The other four men were each withered to the point where they looking like they could not have been saved twenty years ago.

Alec pounded the pints as quickly as Brian could hand them to him. He wanted to get as hardened as he could before the cops took him down town. Instead they made the pair close down the bar. A detective Reese listened as they made an attempt at the story. The man wore a tan suit and he chewed on a match as he spoke. He was about twice Alec’s age and his sharp brown eyes looked like they had been through worse nights than this.           

They had agreed beforehand not to mention that the men and women were one and the same. Kissing became chemicals. Reese did not seem to buy a word of it. After a while he closed his notebook.

“Alright guys, I have not had someone tell me a story with more holes since me first wife cheated on me.” They blanched. “However, I do not think you did it, so I am letting you off the hook tonight, but I expect each of you to be down at the station tomorrow looking through mug shots and” his pen tapped the not pad, “filling in these holes.”

After more waiting and promises they were sent off.

No one hurried to be the first one to speak. A fresh rain had caused the streets to glow with the reflection of business lights. Boots splashed through puddles without pause.

Alec turned his head. “I guess we were lucky.”

“But what were those people. How could such a thing happen?”

“I say we stick to our story.” Alec paused. ”There is something else. Frank would have noticed those women walking in too.”

“Yeah, about twenty times faster that those men,” Brain said louder, then suddenly remembering that his coworkers was now dead, he sobered.


“Could they also be able to move unseen?”

“Then why didn’t they disappear when they left?” Blake asked.

“Maybe cloaking their presence drains them, but a better question would be why didn’t they hurt us.”

“It could be that they only need to eat one a night.”

They walked in silence for a while longer.

It was Alec who broke it again. “Well, I guess you were right about something. A lot of people out there do seem to suck the life out of you.”

Brian only nodded looking sad.

“Come on let’s go get some beer.”

“That’s the best idea I’ve heard since my first wife cheated on me,” Brian said mimicking Reese, that got them laughing again and soon they headed off into the night.

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