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“Is that kid finally asleep?” Joel asked.

“Quit it,” Renee said. She slapped his leg playfully as she joined him on the sofa. “He’s a cute kid and you know Bobby likes a story before bedtime.” Her blue eyes meet his brown. “He says he thinks you’re cool.”

“What eight year old wouldn’t think a big stud like me is cool or want to have a cutie like you tuck him in?” He laughed.

She reached back and pulled the tie out of her long tan hair. He enjoyed the effect the movement had on her slim young body. “Oh yeah, what a stud. Soon your parents might even let your drive.”

“Hey, I’m old enough to drive. I’ve been saving for a car.”

“How much you got, thirty bucks? I’m probably making more money babysitting.”

Without any warning, a huge vibration began to shake the house. Plates where thrown off counters and paintings crashed to the floor in an explosion of glass. Renee clutched at Joel. “Oh my God, is it an earthquake?”

“What else could it be?” He stood up. All around them, the house continued to shake. “We need to get under an archway or something.”

“Oh no. Bobby!” she said, becoming more frantic. Then as quickly as it started, the vibrations ceased.

For a moment they just stood with their hands stretched out like they were riding a surfboard. “Maybe it stopped,” Joel said.

“Bobby, Bobby,” Renee cried. “Doubt he could sleep through that. We….” her voice trailed off as a dull orange glow suddenly illuminated the front of the house. Then like the vibration, it quickly faded.

“Something really weird is going on. Maybe I should grab a steak knife or something?”

“I think we should check on Bobby.”

Before either of them could act on either task, a strange swishing noise reached their ears. It sounded like someone was trying to force a hundred pounds of jelly through a garden hose. It took them a moment to place the sound, but when they did, Renee shrieked and clutched Joel’s arm in fear.

Something was leaking into the house. The strange substance was entering into the front hallway from under the door. It was a completely clear substance and looked like some vicious type of jelly.


“We need to get a towel or something,” Joel shouted, but made no move to do so. Instead they stood transfixed, as the substance began to form into a clear bell like shape. It quickly grew from one foot to over three in height. Its growth finally slowed and the thing leveled off at roughly four-feet in height.

“Why is it bouncing?” she whispered.

“Is it alive? I hope it isn’t the blob or we’re doomed!”

It inched closer to them. Renee shrieked and they took a few steps back. It continued to move towards them while odd stocks formed on what might have been its head.

Pointing, as they continued to back up, Joel said, “Those definitely look like antenna or something.”

They retreated into the brightly lit living room. “At least we got it away from Bobby’s room,” she said in a low voice.

It followed them into the living room. “It must be alive,” Joel said.

“It’s so clear, like living water or something.”

“It seems thicker than water. Like invisible clay or some kind of goo.”

The thing wiggled its stocks for another twenty seconds and then grew larger. At first the teenagers braced for an attack, but it was moving no closer to them. Instead, it was growing taller and thinner. Rough arms and legs appeared, as it continued to change.

“What’s it doing?” Renee’s breathless voice asked.

“If I did not know better, I would think it is trying to make itself look human.”

It had no real features, but had obtained a vaguely human form. A round circle opened where a mouth should be. It looked unnatural and only made a slight liquidy sound.

“This is really creepy,” Renee said.

“I think that’s putting it mildly.”

“Hey, did you guys hear that…ahhhhhhh,“ Bobby’s voice rose shrilly. “Oh my God! What’s that?” He was still in his pajamas and stood stock still, as the humanish form lurched closer to him.

“Bobby, come here,” Renee ordered.

He hesitated for a moment and then ran into her arms.

“W…what is that thing?”

“We’ll let you know when we find out,” Joel began. Glancing at the end table his gaze landed on a pile of glossy magazines. “Hey I got an idea.” Bending down he grabbed up the top magazine and began to walk towards the creature.

“Joel, be careful”

“Duh. Here you go buddy. You want to check this out, pretty pictures.”

The glob leaned forward and its thick fingers took the magazine from Joel’s hand. The long eye stocks returned and looked over the magazine, while its clumsy hands turned the pages.


“So are we just going to hang here while he reads my Vogue?” Renee complained. “Maybe we should try to escape while it’s busy.”

“It must be a girl if it wants to read that boring stuff.”

“Shh Bobby.”

“Wait, it’s doing something,” Joel said, while daring to take a step closer to the odd organism.

Part of its body sprayed away from the creature. It looked like someone had spread a jet of clear toothpaste over the floor. Then, before his eyes, words appeared on the floorboards. Joel began to read them as they formed. “I want to help you design a new project.”

“What?” She asked.

“Wait, there’s more It says, it will be the newest trend and change the world.”

Joel looked at the thing for a second, while he scratched his head. “It sounds weird.”

“Maybe it’s talking like a girl because it read that stupid girl magazine,” Bobby suggested.

Joel turned to look at him. “You know what Bobby. You might be right. Maybe we should give it some books.”

Before he could move to do so, the creature began to change again. It took a moment, but soon its body formed in the image of a young naked woman. It was voluptuous and shapely with curves in all the right places. Despite the fact it was still transparent, Renee said, “Bobby don’t watch.” Of course, he watched anyway.

Seconds later, a clear dress appeared on the creature.

“Why does it need to be modest, when we can’t see it anyway?” Joel asked.

“Gross, you made it into a girl with that stupid magazine.”

“Shh, Bobby, Maybe it was already a girl anyway,” Renee chided.

“Keep an eye on it. I’m going to get it some books,” but again it was writing.

“Joel wait, it’s saying something.”

He stopped to read what was said. “I have completed think tank and discovered what your race finds most important,” Joel read out loud for everyone.

“Oh no,” he mumbled.

Then it continued. “From your sacred magazine, I have discovered the key to your happiness as a race. I was sent deliver a gift to your people and have now discovered your wish.”

“Oh no,” he said again, and then read on. “The gift I shall give you now. It is the best weight lose program in the known Multiverse. I am sure it will fit your needs.”

“OH NO. He screamed!

“Weight lose program how boring,” Bobby yelled.

“Look it’s leaving,” Renee said. “Wait it’s touching the magazine again.”


Then as they watched it became a watery liquid and slid under the back door. They were still too stunned to act, before an orange light flashed and was quickly gone. Joel picked up the magazine and let the others looked over his shoulder. “Just as I thought he-”

”Don’t you mean she?”

“Yeah, she changed it. Look there are instructions and all these scientific formulas in here.”

“At least it is written in English,” Bobby added.

“It does seem to be a weight lose program that also includes some kind of chemical compound.”

“What if the compound will somehow enslave or kill us if we use it?” she asked.

“Somehow I don’t think it will,” Joel said, sounding like he was barely listening.

“Does this mean we’re gonna get rich?” Bobby asked.

“I…I” Joel began. “We could have asked how to solve world hunger, or try to stop war.”

“Or how to fly into outer space,” Bobby suggested.

“Instead we got a weight lose program. A stupid weight loss program.”

“At least we dodged a bullet,” Joel said. “We could have handed the he, she, it, this,” and to emphasize his words he tossed Renee’s mom newest copy of quilting monthly onto the table.

Renee had taken the magazine and was looking through it. “These actually seem like great ideas. I bet they work. ”Flopping back into the sofa, he said, “big flippin deal. Bobby’s right, unless we can make some money off of this, the whole thing is useless.”

“What do you mean useless, this could help a lot of people lose weight.”

The boys just groaned.

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