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Book Review of Every Shallow Cut

Every Shallow Cut 
By Tom Piccirilla 
Published by ChiZine 
Grab a copy here. 

The novel Every Shallow Cut, by Tom Piccirilli is a quick read. Why, because it is a fast paced novel that seemed 
to dare you to put it down. It is the type of book you might try to read in a single day if you had the chance. 
I have read a few books put out by ChiZine now and so far I have never been disappointed with their authors.
The story follows a struggling man, a author. But he could be any man who has confronted failure in this tired 
America we find ourselves in. When success slaps us and our only friend is our dog, is there no where to go but 
up, or will we find a way to sink deeper.
Thoughts battle with action of control of the author’s destiny. He’s lost his house, he lost his wife, and 
perhaps he has lost everything save a smoldering rage. For a lack of anything better to do, the author decides 
to make a road trip across America to see his brother who has no respect for him. A journey that was doomed before 
it began, one would think.
Some things are handled well and others turn out to be worse than he expected. Is there a chance for redemption 
or will he be the one to drive the final nail into his own coffin?
This novel was fast paced and entertaining. The cynical wit might have been a bit thick at times. It left you wondering 
if this author could be your best friend or that guy you could not stand to be in the same room as. The novel was also 
a bit on the short side and it felt like it could have continued on a bit more.

There is creativity and insight in this story. It became something that I wanted to keep reading. I would 
certainly pick up another book by Piccirilli. I also look forward to getting my hands on some new ChiZine books. 

If you would like to check out some of my fiction you can do so here. 

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