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Abandoned Towers Magazine

Abandoned Towers Magazine

Hello folks. I’d like to introduce you to the Abandoned Towers Magazine. We here atAbandonedTowersare raising the bar of excellence and breaking the rules in order to bring our readers a Speculative Fiction Magazine that everyone can enjoy.

But that is not all we do. Abandoned Towers also wants to be known as the writer friendly magazine. We break more rules there. Instead of form letters and long waits, we help writers, both experienced and new, by given each piece we receive a critique and suggestions, whether we use it or not!

At AbandonedTowerswe have three goals:

1.      Provide the general public with a rich experience and expand horizons by making available all the wonderful action people are writing but that no one else seems to want to publish.

2.      Provide our authors with a respected publishing venue that doesn’t restrict their creativity.

3.      Provide brand new, never published authors a place to get those all important first publication credits.

So send a story our way or even help support this new trend in magazines by checking out one of our exciting issues. I promise that you will be glad you did.

You can check out more here!

Also as a side note, we are currently running a contest where you have a chance to win free issues of the magazine. Just ‘Like’ us on Face Book and you are automatically entered to win!

You can get there right here!

2 Responses to “Abandoned Towers Magazine”

  1. So how did you go with this? Well, I hope – it’s a great idea!

  2. Things have gone great so far. We are gearing up to put out our 7th issue!

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