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US Border Fences with Mexico to be replaced by Banana Peels.

Collapsing Shack Arizona:  In a hope to not only protect our borders, but also save the American tax payers some serious money, the US Senate has voted to replace the border fences with a line of banana peals.
Border Guard and former musician, Vanilla Ice, had this to say. “Yo man, those homies be jumping the fence all over the place. It was like my last concert where people were willing of climb over any obstacle just to escape.”
“But why the banana peals?” I asked former actor and now Border Patrol guard Corporal Bob Sagot.
“Well you see… ha ha ha. We have these hidden cameras set up along the border… ha ha ha. When they try to cross and slip, we’ll have the whole thing on film… ha ha ha. When we air it on national television, they will be so embarrassed that no one will want to cross the border again. Last week…ha ha ha… one guy landed right on a rock with his family jewels… ha ha ha.”
I caught up with Senator McCain and asked him if he really thought this would work? “Well originally I was for hidden machine gun nests, but then they explained it to me. The Mexicans are a very proud people. The potential of being made a fool of is too much of a risk for them to take. A few will still try, but when the message gets out the border crossings will quickly cease. Sometimes it is the simplest things, like when I got all that money for setting up those drug blimps that have yet to make one arrest.”
So time will tell if this is sheer idiocy or pure genius. What we do know is that banana stocks are on the rise, while carpenters along the border are now sneaking into Mexico for work. I’ll now leave you with a quote from Snork of the Banana Splits and ‘let’s have a load of banana fun, lots of fun for everyone.’

2 Responses to “US Border Fences with Mexico to be replaced by Banana Peels.”

  1. Hysterical. Love this!

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