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Homelessness in Innsmouth on the Raise.

In recent weeks the citizens of Innsmouth have been reporting a growing amount of encounters with homeless individuals wondering the streets at night. The increasing number of the homeless in our city streets has been causing an alarming variety of issues and problems. These problems include: vandalism, theft, sound complaints, and even missing pets.

Last Tuesday Mrs. Howards of Dorchester Avenue reported hearing odd sounds outside of her back door around midnight.  “It was sort of a slushy swooshing noise, like a wet towel hitting a rock. It scared me and I was afraid to look until the next morning. When I did go outside, once the sun had come up, I found that my entire garden had been trampled. Even stranger, all the goldfish in my pond had been eaten. Now what sort of miscreant would do something like that?”

Innsmouth Free Press spoke with Officer Danford regarding this increasingly alarming subject. “It is true these incidents have been increasing lately.”

“Who is responsible?”

“That is the strange thing. We seem to be having a hard time catching them in the act, but then in the morning there is no sign of them either. Usually the homeless aren’t too hard to track down. They hide out in alleys and old abandoned buildings, but even when we search these areas we are finding nothing to indicate their presence.”

“What is the worst thing that has happened?”

“People have been the most disturbed by their missing pets. We have had several disappearances. The strangest part is that they are not showing up anywhere. They are just gone."

Officer Danford when on to urge the citizens of Innsmouth to remain in their homes with the doors locked, once it is dark, until the police can get this situation under control.


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