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Wedding Efficient Magic, Working Unique Wedding Magic for Couples In Arizona

It started strangely.

A friend of mine, who was my spiritual ally and compatriot for several years, was getting married. Since we had similar spiritual beliefs and goals, he told me that I was the only person he wanted to marry him to his new bride was your truly. So this buddy of mine paid for me to be able to become a Wedding Efficient.

That first wedding proved to be the most nervous I ever was going up in front of people, but those days of nervousness are now long gone. Since I am a trainer (amongst other things) for a living, I am used to going up and talking in front of large groups, sometimes for hours on end. Compared to that standing up in front of a group for 15 minutes should not be a big deal, but yet it is.

When I was younger, I always liked weddings, but I used to focus more on my feeling for the individuals than the event itself. I mean hey, they were fun right? Now however, I realize that for most people this is the most important day of their lives and must be treated with great care and respect. Perhaps even more important to me, is to make sure the couple gets what THEY want. Each wedding is unique and needs to be treated individually. That is my specialty as an Efficient. I like to do the weddings that others might have a hard time with.

Specialized weddings I have done include:

1. In the middle of a Forest/Desert/Mountain Top

2. Couples with different backgrounds, such as a Jewish man marrying a Catholic Woman.

3. Same sex life bonding.

4. Themes… (I might be one of the only local Efficients that has gotten to wear a sword while preforming a marriage.)

5. I also try to help people out that don’t have a lot of extra money and give them a beautiful wedding, even if they are low on cash.

I also do weddings that are just what the couple want. Things don’t have to be different or wild, they just have to be what will make the couple happy on their special day. So if you live in the southwest and are interested in having an Officiant help you design a wedding the way You want it, consider looking me up. @ Mgriffiths1717@yahoo.com.  Or just fly me a note on here.


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