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Coils of Yig… First post

Please take a moment to investigate my newest Blog. Yig Prime awaits!!!

Yig Prime

This is a Yig based Speculative Fiction Tale. Think of it as a best case scenario.

Yig double helix

Alexander Bonerell sat on the side patio of his favorite new pub, Hops on Birch. A beer logo stamped umbrella stretched over the table, but he leaned back on his chair letting the struggling February sun attempt to warm his face. Taking a deep breath, he willed himself to relax and tried to forget his stress filled day.
It didn’t work.
He hoped a sip of IPA would help, but figured it would take another three pints to make a dent in his concerns.
Two small brown birds landed, snatched up the crumbs of a sandwich and flew off. For some reason they reminded him of the freedom his life lacked.
He had never wanted to live like this. As a youth he’d imagined himself walking across America or building his own log cabin…

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