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Outbreak of Plague Slows Down Discord Film

Collapsing Shack Flagstaff Arizona: The Daily Discord film crews were forced to push back the start date and find another location for filming the, soon to Oscar nominated, short, “Driving Miss Crazy” when Picture Canyon was discovered to be infested with plague baring fleas.


The Discord’s writer, editor, actor, producer, stage hand, prop boy, bar back, driver, and animal trainer, Zano, had this to say. “This is obviously a government plot, which means we are getting close to the truth. What is it in Picture Canyon that they don’t want us to find? What secrets are they worried about us getting on film? What time is it? Cokie asked me to pick up her dry cleaning.”


Alex Bone, the Discord’s Camping Correspondent, towel boy, and Yig advocate added, “This isn’t going to help things are all. Half of us are homeless and needed to camp in the Canyon just to make sure we were there on time. Zano didn’t even want to tell us about the plague and we only found out about the shutdown while we were on a beer run. He wants to start the filming again tomorrow, but I can’t get out of my wet sleeping and my body is covered with purple growths the size of goose eggs, but this time they aren’t hickies.”

Zombie growl

Cameraman Greg was heard saying. “I wish I had known too. I parked my ride there and the plague infested prairie dogs must have mutated somehow, because they drove away with my car. I found it trashed downtown and the cops told me they had what the kids are calling a Plague Party, which is were the young prairie dogs have fleas bite them until they catch the ‘Black Buzz.’ Then they vomit and crap everywhere, which in this case meant my car. Looks like I’ll be sleeping on the broken folding car in Ballz’ basement for a while.”

Ballz woke up so he could tell me to get the hell out of his house before he caught the plague too, but couldn’t find his voice because his body was going into anaphylactic shock. He tried to write it down, but I kept setting the note on fire.

Zano tried to plead with Winslow for more funding for the project, but was told that if he already spent the fifteen dollars, allocated for the three month project on beer, then he was shit out of luck.

Smooth Drinker

We also learned too late that passing around joints and bottles of tequila when some of the people in the room have the Black Plague tends to be a bad idea. As we all laid on the floor of the Man Cave we were informed by Ballz mom that it was time to leave. Stricken and homeless we hit the streets.

What do you call a punk rocker without a girlfriend?


What do you call a punker rocker without a girlfriend who has the plague?

Gutter Goo.

Walking home after a Discord Planning Session

Walking home after a Discord Planning Session


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