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People Live Still in Cashtown Corners, by Tony Burgess

3 Stars

Wow, can you say, ‘not what I was expecting?’ Not that you ever really know what to expect with a Chi-zine publication. This Canadian based publisher is till one of my favorites and I love everything I’ve read of theirs, but I have to admit this with was on the lower end of their normally excellent bell curve.


Although they do not spell it out for you, this book is written from the point of view of a man that just snaps and decides to start killing people. I’m not too into anti-hero serial killers, but I have to say that I was surprised when he made his first kill. I did not know what type of book I was reading, but I caught on quick.

I work in mental health and I would have to say the author does a good job outlining this man’s psychosis. He takes you into the unbalanced world of the killer, although, I guess my problem is, I never wanted to go there. If you like exploring evil and insanity though, this book will probably grab you.

The plot follows the killer as he loses his mind in relationship to the number of people added to his death count. My favorite parts of the novel are the odd ideas and things he does, for no real reason other than it seemed logical at the time.


Things that might turn people off about this book is the glorification of this man to some extent. Yeah, you get the picture he is a loser, crazy and a loser, but he is given a grace, where he should have just been shot in the face. I am just not to into the serial killer POV I guess.

Upside would be the oddness of this killer’s mind and thought processes. I think the author tackled a big project here. I am sure some people would enjoy it more than I did. It is just not my favorite type of thing.



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