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Summertime Blues

On The Patio at the er… The Patio. The sun beat down between the clouds in Flagstaff. The memory of the late May snows evaporated from the minds of the Discord staff almost as fast as their self esteem.


Bone leaned back and said, “So what are we going to do with our cameraman Greg leaving? We did the movie thing, but what’s next? I was thinking that maybe we could raise alligators and tattoo Discord logos onto them. We could release them randomly and then when they attack people we could get a lot of publicity.”


“That is a good idea,” Zano said, “but I still can’t believe Greg is going. I still had ninety more skits I wanted to film before the end of the month.”


“Yeah, that guy totally betrayed us, douche. What a dick.” Ballz grumbled.

“You know I’m sitting right here.” Greg said.

“Oh yeah I forgot you’re not leaving until next week.”

The waitress came up. “So are you guys really sure all four of you are going to share one Taco. It’s happy hour, they are only two bucks.”

“Nope,” Zano said. “That’s our budget right now, but since we’re feeling a little low, I’ll get one of those three dollars shots for us. What no, I just mean one, could your divide it into four shot glasses and bring it out here for us?”

“Maybe you guys should focus on just getting your message out there,” Greg said. “Now all you have to do is get one.”

“Yeah, there’s that.” Bone said while eating his one-point-seven inches of taco. A fly landed on it and he hurried to eat a quick bite because he knew he needed the extra protein.

Those Damn Crawdads

“Wait, I have it!” Zano said. “We could update the blog.”

“We just did that,” Greg said. “I should I say I just did that. Lucky thing I’m using your attic to hide from the man or you’d still be using that nineteen-eight-nine server.”

“Hey, I bought you those donuts last week.”

“Don’t you mean dumpster dived?”

“So what does that leave for us to do this summer?” Ballz insisted, trying to keep the team on task.

“We could insert robotic mind control devices into Greg and make him stay,” Bone suggested.

“Nope too expensive,” Zano said. “I already looked into that.”

It was then that a shadow fell over the mismatched quartet. Looking up, they gasped as they saw that a giant crawdad riding on the back of a flying Migo, or maybe it was a Migo riding a crawdad.

Will our…um, heroes survive? Will they figure out something to do this summer? Will Greg ever actually leave? Will Zano tell him where he hid the car keys when he’s ready to go?

All these question could be answered if we remember what they were.
To be Continued!




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