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What Is Zombie Punk

William Gibson helped make Cyberpunk a household word in the Eighties. One could argue that HG Wells and Jules Verne created the idea of Steampunk in the late eighteen hundreds. In both these cases the concept that something is ‘punked’ equates to taking a paradigm of thought and tilting it on its axis. They are and were using the mainstream and making it extraordinary.

Cyber Eye

To ‘punk’ something is taking whatever you have and not just making it work for you, but moving your resources fifty times beyond what anyone would have thought possible and a hundred times what people thought you would be capable of.


Punk Rock itself is an example of this. These mostly dirt poor kids banded together to create music and reinvent how people look at the world. Punk Rockers set the stage of the internet. They were the first to move past monopolies and money and decide to Do It for Yourself. Things we now take for granted, like having your own band’s CD recorded or being able to put out your own message and ideas was nearly impossible before the Punk Rock movement began.

punks black and white

But what is Zombie Punk? Think of it as moving past just staying alive during the Zombie Apocalypse. This is where you embrace the situation and make it work it’s best for you. Whether it is finding a weakness to exploit the masses of carnivorous corpses stumbling your way or using these nearly mindless drones to your advantage, it’s when you twist the rules and reinvent them yourself, that’s when one becomes one of the many shades of punk.

Zombie Stuff

A zombie punk is not just a guy that saves his girlfriend by swinging the bat into the side of a few decayed heads. He’s the guy that then captures about dozen and hooks them up to a treadmill to generate enough electricity to run his laptop. He’s not the person that wastes all his ammunition going toe to toe with a horde of flesh eaters. He’s the one more likely to figure out a way to lure a thousand zombies to their own death by having them follow him into a canyon full of cliffs. He hangs on and laughs as the zombies push over the ones standing before them and they topple to their doom by the hundreds.

zombie fight

Using undead to generate electricity, as body guards, or even as shook troops is the Zombie Punk’s goal. He and she might have found themselves flung into a world of hell, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a few luxuries and maybe even have a good time once and a while.

So what does this have to do with you? What I’m wondering is… are you up to the task. Can you create some Zombie Punk Fiction? If fiction is not your thing, how about creating some artwork, or maybe sculpture or jewelry? You make it I’ll promote it. You write it, I’ll post it.

My goal is to help make a new “punk” stream, something to compete with the classic cyber punk and swim alongside the ever growing Steampunk world. Zombie fans are strong and true, but if the genre doesn’t expand neither will we. Let’s face it, the zombie angle is in theory a rather narrow one, but it doesn’t have to be. We need to evolve as fans and creators s the genre can do that with us. This is what we could see happening through Zombie Punk.


Are you ready to join us?

Get your hands on some Zombie Punk Actin Right Now!

Check out more Zombie Punk Action Here


Zombies grabbing at you


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