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I went ahead and created a new word. Clutterfuk might not be applicable to all cultures and throughout different generations of humanity, but is certainly has its place in the contemporary United States. You could use the word for multiple situations, such as any that could be used for the more common term clusterfuk. Clutterfuk might be like clusterfuk, but with more junk around.


However the primary use of the word Clutterfuk would be to describe our America tendency to accumulate more things than royalty used to enjoy owning. Some people’s things may lean toward junk, while others store crap they will never look at for the rest of their lives. Some people collect toys and luxuries that they certainly do not need to survive. Still others have gathered boxes of gifts and items that are too valuable to just throw away, but are rarely used or even thought of.

hoading I

So what is the point of all this accumulation? “I might use this one day? I am going to make an art project with this. I can’t bring myself to give up this present from my…”


What are we really doing? Most of us will just be leaving a huge sad mess for our kids to go through when we pass away and then in their time of grief, they will feel even worse because they will be forced to go through and throw away their loved one’s things.

hoading II

Let’s look at this from a different angle for a moment. Many people, including those better off than most, are becoming more concerned with their ‘Carbon Footprint.’ Now of course tossing something in the landfill does not help to lower your impact on the environment. Still we should also keep in mind that the more things we have, the bigger our footprint is. More or less the richer you are the worse you are to the environment as a general rule. All these 800,000$ homes that have energy efficient dishwashers do not come close to erasing the fact that the more you have the more you trash the environment. Hell, just taking more and bigger vacations will hurt the world more. Who do you think uses more resources, a family flying to Europe and then driving around for two weeks, or that dish washer guy that coach surfs at his friend’s house until they go camping?

Forest Falls

Put the environment aside for a moment and just think about the culture of hoarding. You don’t think you are a hoarder, some are obviously worse than others, but we are a culture of hoarders. Hell, I have unemployed friends that need five truckloads to move to a new place.


Do not think you are a hoarder? How many forks do you have? How many Plates? How full are your closets and cabinets? How about your garage? We buy things we never use or use once. Again, we are all different, but I bet if I walked into your house for every thing you use, I could find nine things you have not used for over a year, for many, ten years.

hoading III

Why do we do it? Do we feel safer with more things around? “I could use this one day when I might need it. If I get bad off I could try to sell these things.” Face it, for the vast, vast majority of us, these statements will not come true. We just accumulate more than we could ever use and if we have to move, we take almost all of it with us.

Hoading IIII

Do not get me wrong, I do not want people to overflow the landfills with all their unused crap. I would rather they use what they have and try to buy less. It helps the environment, saves you money, and makes your house easier to live in. Will American’s do it, nope?


Still the next time someone starts bragging about their small carbon footprint or their new hybrid, ask them how much they have laying around and point out to them how much resources were used to get it into that box in the back of the attic. You might have to drive that hybrid for ten years to equal the waste they caused and catch themselves up to that homeless guy dumpster driving. The homeless are the true environmentalists hands down and most of them will never have to deal with the Clutterfuk.


Alex Bone


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One Response to “Clutterfuk”

  1. It’s a real First World problem, Mike. We’re desperately overdue for a major declutter – but I’m hoping that we can make more trips to the charity shops and recyling centres, rather than the landfill…

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