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Book Review Of Tomorrow’s Cthulhu

Tomorrow’s Cthulhu

Edited by Scott Gable and C Dombrowski

Published by Broken Eye Books in 2016

Stars: 4.5


Tomorrow’s Cthulhu is a Lovecraftain based horror anthology with a techno twist. Most of the stories take place in the future, out in space, or in a world with heightened technology. In some of the tales the horrors have already closed their grip on the world. It was fun to find stories with this type of bent and hands together for Broken Eye books for coming up with this concept.

Tomorrow's Cthulhu

This is a huge novel too. No less than 29 stories are here to creep out the reader. Some of these stories are a little nerve wracking too. No bad ones here either. Some anthologies have some weak legs, but Broken Eye has a consistently strong numbers here. These authors nailed it as I said, this is a new twist on the genre and that made it more enjoyable.

A few that stood out for me include Innsmouth Redemption by Joette Rozanski. I liked this story because the world had already fallen to the Lovacraftain horrors. I enjoyed this post apocalypse meets deep ones style adventure. Nice concept. Could make a whole book series around an idea like this.


The World Ends in Neon Yellow, by LA Knight. I get the creeps from Hastur. Hell I get the creeps from all of them. I have a love/hate relationship with most Cthulhu mythos. I love the fiction but I hate them too. Like if I had a chance to nuke them, I would in a heart beat, but I can not stop reading about them either. Did I say anything about this story, no. This is a cyberpunk slash mythos tale, a young girl must try to use social media to try to rescue humanity in time before the King in Yellow arrives. Gods how I hate that guy.

The Judas Goat was pretty scary. Robert Brookway brings a creepy idea to the forefront here. The stars start disappearing from the sky. A scientist thinks she knows why, but turns out to be wrong and as all her coworkers go crazy, she probably wishes she could have joined them.


Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi brought us The Crunch Underfoot was more of a hero fights back Dark Fantasy instead of straight out horror, but hell that is mostly what I write too. If you want to see a hero cut down twenty Migo, look me up. But this is a rocking action packed story where our hero tears back into the horror and lets it know that humans can have teeth too. Right on, they think we humans are just rats, well mess with us we will show you our teeth.

I can not think of many draw backs in this one as long as you like this sort of thing. Like horror with a science fiction edge, this will get you. I suppose if you want stories that seem like Lovecraft wrote them, this might not be hitting the money. I never felt like I was reading Lovecraft, but I was not expecting too. I like the idea of using his works to build something new and these guys nailed it. Broken Eye nailed it with their picks.

Like every genre out there, things get overdone and there is always a risk that ideas will just be rehashed and you will not be inspired by a new idea. No issues with that here. I love er… Lovecraft. A chance to explore a new twist to my old loves is here. Nice work to everyone involved. I do not know much about Broken Eye Books, but they are off to a good start as far as this guy is concerned.

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