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Batman versus Superman

Release: April 2016

Stars: 4


I had not really planned to see this movie. It was one of those moments where I was near the theater and had some free time, so I walked in with the hopes there would be something I would be willing to spend money to see. A few nights before, I had spent a few beers with a young couple who had actually talked it up, so I figured I would give it a chance.


I, like most comic fans, found the idea of Batman having any chance of taking on Superman unlikely at best, but figured they would make it work somehow. At once I saw that the movie focused more on Batman, which was a plus for me. It was also dark and gloomy—also a plus.


The general outline of the plot is the heroes each begin to suspect the other of committing foul deeds. This slowly builds to the point where they feel the obligation to take out this threat to the rest of humanity, which in this case are each other.  Unfortunately, while both these heroes were wasting time focusing on the other, Lex Luther was creating a situation that could end up destroying most of the Earth


Lex Luther also played a huge role in this, almost having more screen time than Superman. Ms. Lane and Alfred were there as well. The acting moved me. I am not the hugest fan of Den Affleck, but he puts his all into this one and I could tell he really tried to take it up a notch. The writing worked, if you can wrap your head around the plot and just let yourself enjoy it, the movie will take you for a wild ride. The visuals rocked and without ruining the climax, I have to say it ripped pretty damn hard.


Downsides with this might just be the idea itself. They had to try pretty hard to give Batman a reason to want to take superman out. Sure it was an underdog worried about Superman being an unstoppable Illuminati style leader. I can appreciate this, but still, it was a little thin. Also I am getting a little sick or all the heroes and villains looking like they just graduated high school. I know the X-men are supposed to be young so sometimes they can get away with it, but Lex should look older than my daughter. I feel like I could take him out with a misplaced punch, does not make him too scary.

Batman_Vs_Superman II

If you like DC comics, you should see this one. Action fans should also not pass this one up. There are a few fun surprises that I will not ruin for you. You will know what I am talking about when you see it. You might have reservations, but consider giving it a chance. I doubt you will feel let down.



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