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A Room in the Hand is Worth More than Sleeping in a Bush

Four Enclosed Walls Arizona: Let’s face it, we all have our share of bad luck or in my case, I woke up. Sometimes during the worst of times housing can be the cause of your problems. Or you are having the worst of times because you have no housing. Or maybe your housing is having the worst of times. Whatever it is, housing can be a challenge especially for single people, but don’t worry, you’ll get through these hard times and then you’ll land yourself in a steady relationship and things will get much much worse.


So what is the only thing weirder than living with someone you are having sex with and dealing with their oddity and quirks… dealing with oddities and quirks from a roommate who does not even get you off for your trouble?

Here are a few examples of some of the roommate bizzarro worlds I somehow found myself in. One of my first roommates got a free house from his parents, so guess who was the only person who payed rent to live there, yep me? While I worked, his parents would sent him cash to survive each month and he would buy plane tickets to go see the Grateful Dead the day it came in the mail. Then for the rest of the month he would scarf my food and if I dared ask him for a ride to the store to spend my money in the jeep his parents bought him, he would ask me for gas money. And when this guy wanted to get drunk, he’d just call everyone he knew and tell them he was having a BYOB party and not buy a single beer. I’m glad I kicked his ass.

GD van

I lived with a good friend of mine for a while, but we had the opposite idea of what sort of house single guys should have. He figured, “I’m single so I never have to clean.” I on the other hand thought, “I’m single, I should keep this place clean, in case some ladies come by.” This guy would walk past the trash can with an empty in his hand and place it on the table, instead of throwing it in the trash and then grab a new one as he came back to the sofa.


One time we had a party and I noticed the dishes were out of the sink, for the first time since I moved in. I thought sweet, I can’t believe he did the dishes, how cool. I discovered about a week later that he had hid all of them under the sink.

Once, at a different place, I went out to eat with a cute gal and came home to find my roommate had sliced his hand open and I guess he figured the best first aid for a sliced open hand is to spray as much blood as possible all over every wall in the house and then tear out the toilet (Another big lady pleaser).

Blonde sexy woman in black dress smiles

My little roommate tried to stop him, so his natural reaction was to chase him with a baseball bat. The little guy was fast and I think the bleeding guy was starting to get light headed so he drew his arm back and threw the bat.

The little guy ran.

The bat arced down toward him.

The little guy ran.

The bat arced down toward him.

The little guy ran.

The bat arced down toward him and then at the last second embedded itself on a giant prickly pear tree and the little dude ran off into the darkness. And yeah, I didn’t get laid that night.


I’m recently single and so for the first time in over a decade, I’m dealing with this again. So I move into this new place that was like the freaking odd couple zone. And guess whose room I took over. But before we get there, let me tell you the deal with the fridge. Where we put our things is very organized. He gets one self, I get one shelve and then we split half a shelve, but then get the crisper on the opposite side of the split shelve. I of course and thinking, how the hell am I going to remember this? But then I figured out a way, I just have to keep in mind that every time I open the refrigerator all my things are in the shape of a question mark.


So the area I moved into was available because the guy just got married and moved into his new lady’s place. And yeah, it was pretty messy, so I start with the bathroom first, because you know, since I’m single I could be entertaining a lady. First thing I notice is all the weed on the bathroom counter. Not just a little, a lot. So I figure. Hell, I should be saving this. So, and yeah there are sandwich baggies there too, I carefully scrap it into this baggie and hide it. Once I’m done, I open a drawer and what the hell, more weed. So out comes the baggie. I clean that out and go to the next drawer and guess what, more weed. I’m not smoking weed right now, but I must have gotten 50$ worth o’ green from there. I gave it to a friend who had helped me out and you should have her eyes light up. Hey what are friends for?


So it looks like this place of mine is only temporary so I’ll be moving in with someone new soon. Cokie said no way, so wish my luck, it might be a choice between moving in with Zano or Tony Ballz.


Camp fire

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