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Vampire, Book Review of, Book of the Month Club, by Rusty Fischer

Vampire, Book of the Month Club, is the second novel I have read written by Rusty Fischer. His novel Zombies Don’t Cry is also reviewed by me on SFReader. (See it here). Fischer hits a young adult audience with new themes and original ways of looking at older genres, which in his case appear to include a lot of undead and teens becoming various types of undead.


In this novel Nora is a famous young novelist that focuses on YA vampire fiction and that is what she thought it was until a vampire began to stalk her posh high school for gifted teens.  Soon she and her two friends are caught up in this powerful vampire’s plot to use Nora and blackmail her to write her next novel in a manner he decides.

The vampire, Reese, does not pull punches and goes from being charming to foul and evil. Soon Nora has no choice but to cave in to his demands, unless she wants to see her new boyfriend drained.

vamp mirror

The author mixes teenage drama with action well. The dialog is hip and funny and does not drag the novel into some high school soap opera with fangs. Yes, Nora is a sassy teen, but this is still a supernatural action novel and the reader is not forced to wait long for the small team to be attempting to figure out the mysterious goals of the vampire or be plunged into serious situations.

A few things bugged me about the novel and kept it from getting a better star ranking. The first was how the vampires could just walk around during the day. I just hate that. Reese explained it away by being so powerful that he could fight off the rays, but when a new vampire that was turned, um yesterday does the same thing, it just does not hold up. I think these day-walking vampires are just setting us up for an endless nightmare of vampires in my twilighty high school and this should be avoided at all costs. Also the novel is consistently—vampires are evil and bad—and then wait, they are okay, what’s the big deal, at the end. Kind of a sudden light switch effect, which was hard for me to swallow.

Despite a few drawbacks, I think this novel hits the money and would be great for teens that like a strong dose of supernatural action in their fiction. The characters are funny and likable. The plot is inventive and has surprises and twists. If you like YA Dark Fantasy, this is worth checking out.

vamp girl

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