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Book Review of You Could Never Be, by Amy Romine

Published by,  eXtasy Books in 2016

Stars: 5


You Could Never Be, by Amy Romine is a novella available in e-formats. I do not tend to read romance/erotica novels very often, but I met Amy and as we writers tend to do, we shared some kind words as well as our fiction. She is doing a blog tour throughout July and I think she will do well.


So as I said, I do not read much from this genre and the first thing which struck me was not only the power of the sexual scenes, but also how quickly they drew the reader in. I guess I figured there would be a slow buildup of teasing and tantalizing. Not here, by page three we are steaming up the screens with our breath wanting to see how far this is going to go. The answer to that… would be all the way.

Sara works in an office setting. She and the other woman all admire Will, but Sara never expected to be the woman drawing his gaze. After a chance encounter leads to a wonderful night of intense sexual exploration, she found herself wondering if he could actually feel the way about her, for she had fallen for him hard.

Sara office

As the sexual power of their relationship builds, she worries she will just be a fling to this perfect man, despite his words of adoration. Complications arise and Sara finds herself torn and fears she might be about to lose her heart to the best men she has ever met.

Let me also say the sex in this novella is truly inspired. It is more than great enough for me to enjoy. These scenes are fantastic and I might have even learned a thing or two. Yes there is plot and sweet romance, but this takes place around some sexual scenes that would leave a zombie feeling excited.

Occie Kiss

I am grading this book for what it sets out to do and for this genre it nailed it hard. A lot of things were nailed hard. I suppose the only issue I would have is its length. It might have been nice for it to be longer. Conversely though, you can read in in one steamy sitting although you might have to check your blood pressure afterwards.

This novel is a turn on. Sara is lovely and you want things to work out for her. Will is an upright guy with a trick or two up his sleeve. You want them to make it happen. I got a lot from this read and I am happy I was willing and able to branch out into a genre I usually do not explore.

Learn more here

Sara Face


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  1. Thanks for the fab review, so glad you enjoyed You Never Could Be! Thanks again for yge support!

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