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Book Review of Marvel Zombies

I received Marvel Zombies, The Covers as a gift. Since I write zombie novels, I guess people figure I must love everything zombie. This is like expecting a person to like every single horror movie, because they like horror movies or since you like rock and roll, you must like every rock album that has ever been made. I will admit I am a fan of Marvel Comics, but that might have made things worse.

Marvel Zombies

I like zombies as a threat, a metaphor, and as a plot mover.  I’m not into zombie walks or pretending to be a zombie. I do not want to see my friends and family dressed as zombies, hell, death comes quickly enough. I grew up on Marvel Comics, so seeing the classic covers converted into landscapes of death disturbed me, but not in a good way.

For me it was like seeing a picture of your friend from school dead and rotting. It just seemed perverted and wrong to me. I guess the artwork is okay, if you want to see spidey as a dripping corpse. I am not sure about you, but I do not. Life is tragic enough without rushing these icons toward death.

The artwork is good enough, I guess if this is your thing, go for it, but it left me feeling sad and nervous. I will be selling this to the used book store and I sell almost no books out of my library.

My take on the Zombie Apocalypse



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