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Book Review of You Are a Vampire, That Sucks, by Domenick Dicce

You’re a Vampire, That Sucks, by Domenick Dicce is a book along the lines of Brook’s Zombie Survival Guide. But where Brooks was trying to help his readers survive a zombie attack, Dicce is hoping to assist a reader who has recently become undead.

Dicce is very organized and covers every topic a vampire would need to know. Things like how to feed, where to find shelter, and vampire powers are discussed. Other chapters go over more in depth discussion of myths about vampires, other supernatural creates, and how to turn humans into undead.

The book is sprinkled with words of warning and areas where the new vampire needs to use caution, but overall there is a current of humor that helps the reader enjoy each page. The book even has illustrations, which range from more serious to comic.


In a pinch this book would actually be very helpful for a new vampire. Logic and forethought are used to avoid pitfalls the fledgling vampire could encounter. Again, he does it with humor, but even the humor is mixed with serious accounts of the dangers vampires face. If you are not a horror nerd, it would be even more helpful if you found yourself spouting fangs

vamp mirror

The book is a quick fun read. Not many downsides here, if this is your thing. The price is a little steep; 13$ for a very short book. Also, I guess he had to do it, but I found some of his choices of what powers were real and which were myth a little presumptuous.

Vamp Girl too

Overall a light hearted romp that any vampire lover will enjoy. Lovers of comedy might get a tickle here. It might make a good gift for that middle school aged nephew of yours.

Michael Griffiths

Vamp girl III
You Are a Vampire, That Sucks, by Domenick Dicce on Amazon



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