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An Author Interview with Amy Romine

Here is the Interview. I’ll let Amy introduce herself, she does a fine job.

Mike: Hello Amy and a good day to you. Let’s get the easy action out of the way first. Could you tell us what type of genres you like to focus on with your writing and what published works you have under your belt?

I am mainly a romantic suspense author, but I have recently delved into erotic romance and romantic horror.

I currently have three series released, The Trust Me Series, Serenity Lost, Veiled Deception and Jaded Promises. The Tarot Series, Shockwave, Backlash and Fallout, and the Soulmate Chronicles, Ever the Same and Come Undone. Most recently I released an erotic novella, You Never Could Be.


Mike: What sort of new projects are you working on?

Amy: I am currently editing a romantic thriller due out later this year called Little Angels. Little Angles is about two FBI partners who are forced to face their mutual attraction during an undercover assignment involving child trafficking. I am also writing a romantic horror entitled Finders. Finders is about a ghost hunting teams whose producer is suddenly able to see ghosts.


Mike: How long have you been writing and what was the catalyst that made you wish to start?

Amy: I started out acting and then writing screenplays, it eventually evolved into fanfiction novels. When I turned 34 I had a mini-mid-life crisis, and realized I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing. I needed to get serious about my writing. I wrote two books that year and published them the year after.

Mike: Do you think there is a big difference how man and women perceive romance or can they both enjoy the same types of fiction?

Amy: I think there is a difference in the way men and women perceive romance but if written with this in mind any romance can be joyed by both views. That is half the fun of a romance is the conflicting ideology of what’s to be expected.

Mike: How do you feel about writing novels will multiple Points of View, or do you prefer to just stick with one?

Amy: My style is to write from usually two points of view – the hero and the heroine. I think it gives the reader the inside scoop on the story as well as a cool perspective of the activity. I write romantic suspense so it allows me to play hide and seek with clues and plot progression,

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Mike: Do you find yourself reading the same types of novels that you write or do you explore other genres as well?

Amy: I read a lot of everything. My daughter is an avid reader so she is constantly putting books on my list of to-reads. I just finished Uglies, which is a YA Dystopian novel. I am pretty broad in my range but I do like to read what I am writing. Right now I am writing a romance horror so I am reading a lot of that genre.

Mike: Do things such as the movies, novels, and television help inspire your work or do you find them more of a distraction?

Amy: I find inspiration in all of the above, from a scene, a line, a piece of music or even a look, I never know what will spark a nugget of inspiration

Mike: How do you feel romance mixes with adventure? Is it possible to have one without the other?

Amy: Anything is possible but I think it is really a matter of preference. I prefer the two to be intermingled. Some do not. I grew up with James Bond, Romancing the Stone, Indiana Jones, all of these have a love interest and that was the part I liked!

Mike: You focus primarily on E-Books at this time, how is that working out for you?

Amy: It is working out well. The shift is amazing. If you think about how the publishing world has changed it is astounding. A completely new world and I find myself among some of the most amazing authors in the industry. I just hope I can keep up!

Mike: What do you feel are the downsides and upsides of e-books and ebooks technology?

Amy: I think it is a progressive industry. People still love their paper books, the tactile feel, the smell, the dust accumulating after they finish the book as it sits on the shelf. There will be ‘book’ lovers for a long time but even those are starting to shift to the digital experience. As eReaders become less expensive and readers become more familiar with the wide selection of choices the sales will level off and the playing field will open up. It is really an exciting time to be in the industry and make your mark.

Mike: What are your other hobbies and how might they strengthen your writing skills and creativity?

Amy: I am very artistic in general, and I love people watching, these make for a constant flux of inspiration and creativity in my novels. A little too creative sometimes…

Mike: Tell us a few of your future goals in regards to your writing?

Amy: This year I hope to publish at least three books, I have one already out, “You Never Could Be’, one on the way “Little Angles” and I am writing the third. I would like to keep with publishing several books every year and build up my fan base.

Mike: What would you like to see as your writing end Game?

Amy: I would like to keep writing for as long as possible. I love writing and I hope that the world enjoys the stories I tell.


A profound thank you to Amy Romine to agreeing to this interview


You can learn more about her here





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