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Book Review of Code Man Jackrabbit, by Elizabeth Noble

Published in 2016 by DPS Publishing

Stars: 3

Code Name Jackrabbit is a Dark Fantasy novel by Elizabeth Noble. Very GBLTQ friendly, this novel revolves around two homosexual couples, which consist of a mated pairs of vampires and another with the oldest vampire and a werewolf. It delves into their relationships and includes a few man on man sex scenes, which are pretty… cough, in depth.


Our four heroes hold down normal jobs, such as computer programmer, detective, and working in the morgue. The oldest is more of a thief, but hey three out of four is not too bad. When they get kidnapped, they discover there is a secret group of supernatural creatures looking out for the planet’s best interest and they have been asked to join. The team agrees and they are given a mission in their own home town of Flint Ohio.

They uncover a plot where a renegade werewolf clan is using sea monsters to target people they want assassinated. Soon it becomes a struggle to see if they can save these victims without become some themselves.

Black Chick

The characters are likable and slick. They are also well thought out and unique. The book is not to long and is an easy read.

That being said, I have to once again speak up about this new trend of day walking vampires. I just hate this so much. There was no feeding, they walked in daylight, and were not evil in any way. Why not just call them angels, it would make more sense and be more believable. Vampires are night dwelling things that, in most cases, have no souls. They are dead things that feed off of life. In most accounts vampires can not get erections, which these guys certainly could. I know writers get to take liberties, but why even call them vampires, just because vampires are popular? I am not going to write a story about office workers and call them all mountain climbers, it just does not make sense. I hate this idea started by Twilight that vampires are snuggly love muffins that walk around in the sunlight. It needs to stop forever. Makes me want to write a novel where horrid Nosferatus kill a whole high school.

gay vampires

Okay, deep breath. Besides that annoyance, it is really a good book. However it is not action packed. First fight is in the halfway point of the book and there is really only two other action scenes. Good action, but more romance than action, more cuddles than fangs with this one.

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