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Wilderness Punk, Camp 1, Day 2

Out in the forests ten miles east of Flagstaff, a place where pine and oak have juniper for a neighbor. Ravens and hawks battle the still air to fly over the hills and washes cutting through the green. I sit alone in the camping chair I found discarded—just today. I’ve repaired it to a relative working order and it affords me a simple luxury I hadn’t anticipated and also brings me to the subject matter of this post.


Backside Camp

The camp as one sees it walking up the trail or can you see it?


Being only one day in and still having some ice for my beer, I’m not feeling to hard pressed, so in the absence of any stressors or obstacles, I thought it would be a good time to outline the list of that I have going for me as I strive to live my Wilderness Punk lifestyle.


To keep with the punk/cyber side of things, I possess a laptop and a smart phone. Both are pretty fly and puts me a few levels above many folks who struggle out in the woods, however my charger doesn’t seem to have a place to plug into this tree. This will give me limited time to accomplish my writing and I obviously can’t post anything from here or get on the web in any way. My phone can did small things, but it has no bars most of the time. I can send a text by taking a small hike and climbing on top of a giant fallen pine, but other things need doing.



Cell Survice

Sometimes if I go on a hike to here, climb these fallen trees, hold my cell above my head, and wait two minutes a text will go through.


Yes, some people have tech which can stream from the wilderness and even solar panels to charge their devices. Yeah, I guess I’m more Wilderness than Punk right now. Perhaps I will evolve, but currently de-evolving seems a bit more accurate.


I have a couple of sleeping bags, a couple of backpacks full of random gear like clipboards and pens. A few daggers, papers, and items to help me blend back into civilization are also housed there. My tent for reasons I might delve into later, is a farce. Holes with no poles makes, it a tent in name only. Also I have a tiny cooler, which holds maybe three cans with some ice. Yeah, I need to gear up.



Trail to Camp 1. I dare you to try to find me.


Others things I have going for me are half a storage unit, which is currently about 2/3 packed and I just got a PO Box, which is awesome, but also expensive.


Then my last real luxury is my ripping ‘Giant’ mountain bike. Just got a free tune up and was running like Hermes pushed me from behind until some foul human drove into where it was parked up on the curb. A few operations and money spent and it is back to running well, although the back tire was damaged and might leave me working harder on the long rides. More things to fix, but right now I just need hold on to what I got and give myself a whole day of peace in the wilds before reality strikes and I take the long ride back into the humanity. Flagstaff my mountain island surrounded by the Arizona deserts baking in the summer sun will be calling me soon enough.

Chaos Face


Thanks for listening and I’ll take a peek at challenges next.


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