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Wilderness Punk, Setbacks

Waking up with the sun, I listen to the birds and hope they help drone out the plane passing overhead. I know I need to reach further into the wilds, but with just a bike for transportation, I’d leave the Punk/Cyber out of my Wilderness equation.


Since yesterday I expounded on my resources, I thought today I would give a quick overview of my current weaknesses. I won’t go into the lack of some wish list and I’ve already covered my damaged bike and almost non-tent.

Tangled tree

The most obvious are my recent injuries. In the month of July I suffered a few mishaps. After an invite to a get together where I knew almost no one, I experienced a mishap on the way home which left me with three broken ribs on my right side and a hairline fracture in my left wrist. No big deal really, just gives me some aches and makes some things a little harder.


I broke my largest toenail far back under the skin during an angry powerwalk home, back when I had a home. This was a worry for a few weeks. It bled everyday as the nail worked itself out from under the skin. I went on some ten miles hikes and strangely the last one worked it off and on the last full day I got to spend at my last place… it came free. I felt like an odd level of rebirth when that happened right before I headed out into the forest.


Right now I have no real job or at least I’m not working for someone else.  Currently trying to start and keep going a few of my own businesses, those chiefly being, writing, training, marketing, and touring. I’m in the process of trying to get this touring company off the ground which will be a rocking dream job, but for now I’m just surviving on mostly money I make online, which could make living in the woods more difficult, thus the whole Wilderness Punk goal.

Back II

I only mention jobs and such because, yeah, like most folks in the USA I have people I owe and other obligations. Upside, not dumping money on rent and utilities, car payments or gas.


Footwear is a minor concern. My sandals are going strong, but nights will be getting colder soon. My new sneakers paid the price for my one night of bliss and need to be repaired. My two pairs of boots have still not made it into the storage unit. I sure hope they don’t become a write off.


Where I am no fires are allowed and I’ll be surviving around that, but I also need to get more serious camping supplies. The horror is, I have everything I need, back at my former house, but I’m not able to gather it. Still, new things would be fine as well, but that comes back to the money thing mentioned above.


Will some tours come in? Will Alex Bone make it to the wifi coffee shop? Can he charge his computer in time? Tune in ah…probably tomorrow unless I get a flat tire or something. Peacing Out



Thanks for listening and I face my first real trail next.


Grab some of my Skin-Punk fiction here


Back II

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