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Wilderness Punk, First Challenge

Something happened yesterday, which became very intense. I was tested. If I had failed, this experiment would be over before it started.


I heard something moving over the hills toward me. I’ve clocked hundreds of days of camping, but I had never heard anything like this. I could sense something traveling my way. A wall of water approached my site. This wasn’t a few sprinkles that grew into something more. No, instead this was a visual, moving storm. One moment it was dark, the next I was in torrents of blasting rain.


My first thought was all my tech, and well everything else. My meager possessions went into my half destroyed tent. I quickly realized that my old tarp was also all but useless in a storm of this power. As I did my best to secure my backpacks and wrapped them in my blankets I become soaked to the bone. I wouldn’t have been wetter if I had jumped into a lake. With a yelp, I remembered my cell and dashed it out of my pocket soggy shirt pocket and into the inner pouch of a back pack.


But things weren’t good.


I accepted that I was completely drenched and didn’t let that bother me as I struggled to figure out a way to protect my things. I had found a huge tile earlier, which went on the tent first, but it gave me an idea.


Water became six inches deep over the surface of the entire forest. I sloshed through the pools and streams looking for strong long branches. I got these up and built a grind work over my tent. Next I made overlapping shingles out of giant pieces of ponderosa bark. It took a few hours and of course once I was done it stopped raining, but I had gained myself an additional level of protection.

Shacking in

It rained a little that night and I didn’t have any issues inside the tent.


Hopefully it will help keep the place as dry and secure as possible, for Wednesday is townie day. I have work, see contacts, get some networking done, a class to attend, and some more work to take care of before I head out for a longer trip to one of my favorite places in Arizona, a place where I will be able to jump into my own private pond paradise.


Bone at Lilly


Thanks for listening and turn back in to see how things go with campsite 2.


Grab some of my Skin-Punk fiction here



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