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Wilderness Punk: Back to Camp I and some Fun

I found myself out of the cyber loop for a while out there in the Lilly Ponds. Friday night I spend alone. I wrote, hiked, looked at frogs, you know, the normal things. I did take a long mountain ride down the Sycamore trail. First time for that one and in the drizzling rain, it was well…awesome.

Biking It


Later circumstances forced me to defend my camp while alone. My habit of talking out loud alerted the sheep herding dogs to my presence. These half feral monster sized beasts barked and growled as they attempted to surround me like a pack of wolves. Some shouting of my own and moving at them with my war club clenched in hand sent them packing, but only after a minute standoff, which I guess this Boneman won.


Lilly Fields Forever

Lilly Fields Forever


Wooks did make it and lucky for me (even if he did beat me 3 games to 2 in horseshoes) he did, for that would have been a long ride of twenty miles into town after I would have been forced to stash some gear. Instead, I put my cooler etc, into the storage unit and plunged back into normal, well at least as normal as my life gets, humanity. An attempt at jacking up my gear and getting work done, became a fun bit of the social at east side Historic. I learn some useful factoids, and even double gear up while I eat three bags of croutons.


Next day, no tour, no money, some low spirits. I set myself to hitting the Cyberpunk world and then do a few tasks to take advantage of this thing we call civilization, while also prepping for a quick turnaround to camp I. Along the way I find a monster sized unopened bag of trail mix. Accorded to some paths of mysticism such an event would mean the Gods favor my current quest. So since it was a double mystic Day of Yig, I’ll send the All-Father serpent my thanks.


More power-cyber slamming for the touring company and I’m ready to bum a ride out to Camp I. Jeremy hikes up to see it with our touring mutt mascot. I forgot the ice, but what would life be like if everything went smoothly.


I finished my fifth Chronicles of Jack Primus book out in the woods. See, I’m doing some writing out here. New Primus E-Book here I come.


Camp I Day II


An unused road leads down to some powerlines. I discovered that if I’m willing to walk down these powerlines about half a mile, my cell reception rocks. Not all important to me, but good to scout out resources. No water, no random supplies other than a giant spike and two nails.


Managing to slam some writing and prepping for some of my cyber-business, which actually does pay a few bucks and you know what, I think it’s about beer:30. Which is good since my water is running low, due to the lack of my frozen bottles of ice.




Jeremy arrives with two bottles of chilled water and tells me a hurricane has been tearing up through Mexico and is ranging through Arizona. We both looked at the dark arrowhead of clouds moving east to cover the land in shadow.




“I’m here with the van if you want to pull out.”


“No, I’ll ride it out. I’m ready.”


“How about any gear?”


“Nope, I think I’m ready for whatever might be thrown at me. Bring it on. I’m going to ride it out.”


And…Yeah…It was a big no show. Not so much as a drop. So I went mountain bike riding until the trail disappeared.


Where did the roadd go

Where did my road go?

Great day though, Clouds came in and gave me some shade.



When I woke up today, I really, really wished I didn’t have to leave. Maybe this whole WildernessPunk thing is dangerous for me. I may never want to come back.




Dawn at Camp I


Thanks for listening and return to see how the Punk side goes this week.


Grab some of my Skin-Punk fiction here


Bike Camp I

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  1. You’ve earned some time away. Enjoy it. Mustache? Hmm!

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