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The Real World? Wilderness Punk vs Tarmac

I go from getting up in the woods and riding through five miles of forest, to having my Avatars powering through the web to support some of my Sharestorm people. But free food and Dr. Ps at AK Café makes it all so easy. One of my fav places to Jack-in for sure.

AK Rain

After hitting the storage unit and Jeremy’s, I set off for a huge ride to see if I can get a job at the Arboretum, which would include free housing, utilities, and wifi. Odds might be against me, but I would be perfect for the job. However it does have me riding form 3 miles far east to 4 miles past town to the far west. I’ll be putting in about 30 miles on the mountain bike today.


After spending 7 out of the last 9 nights in the forest, riding alongside the never-ending stream of loud vehicles harshes my senses. The constant hum of fossil fuels chokes a man after so much pure perfection. The overwhelming percentage of motorists in ratio to bikers or pedestrians is appalling to me.  My heavy backpack is like the weight of human necessity and I feel it pulling me into the steaming tarmac. The miles rip by as I weave through the garbage trucks and pumped pickups.

Light head

Four miles into the western forest, I meet with the man who could be my new boss, but I doubt it will be that easy. He speaks of the frailties of the former employees and the ‘tough’ requirements for living so far out into the woods. I want to laugh, and may have put him off in my disregard for such minor non-issues. Living within such beauty even in such a small place would be a luxury beyond what I feel I could deserve. If only such physical and emotion issues of his former employees were my worst obstacles.


Later, I make it to Down Town Flag. I see some down and out guys and stop because I know one of them. They are homeless and panhandling. Part of me wonders how far off I’m really removed from them. After a shared minute, I feel a certain unease, like the universe is watching and I’m at some cosmic tipping point. I excuse myself and move on.


What does that say about which side I’m tipping over?


One cup of tea later and I’ve set up no less than 4 meetings for tomorrow afternoon. A piece of Migo pie, right. I must be back in e-land. The most exciting of which is an Australian I will be meeting with who’s skateboarding across the old Route 66. I’ll be trading PR for beer, yep, that’s how I roll it. I might even be trading PR for some Re… I do important things.


Next Morning:


In town, showered and I’m told a client I’ve been chasing for about four months wants to see me. I meet with her and her husband.


Her: “Getting this super inflated bid for internet service triggered me to want to contact you again.”


Me: “Let’s just make this happen. I can start today.”


Him: “Okay here’s a check and one of each of the products we sell.”


I had left my backpack back at Jeremy’s and I’ll just say that was a tricky bike ride home.


Four more meetings before sunset. Punk > Wilderness, but ale is also > Sunburns.




Thanks for listening and turn back in to see how my manic meetings of doom go. Will I meet with these folks before I have too many beers or will having too many beers help me take it home?


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2 Responses to “The Real World? Wilderness Punk vs Tarmac”

  1. Good stuff. See you soon.

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