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I grabbed Chaos by the tail. I’d say it grabbed mine, but I don’t have one.


Meetings went fine that night. Looks like I might become a young comedian’s manager and I got a few free ales from the Aussie Skateboarder skating Route 66.


Sunest Storm


Meetings went fine that night. Looks like I might become a young comedian’s manager and I got a few free ales from the Aussie Skateboarder skating Route 66.


Despite my lack of, well almost everything, I have chosen to head for to Phoenix and then make Tucson my goal. I must make in to the Castle in the Desert.




One might throw out the idea that passing through 300 miles of Arizona desert during the summer without a vehicle might be a rather questionable thing to do.  However with at least some money, you can lever a way and in the end, good friends usually prove more important.



Van à Downtown Flagstaff  à Shuttle to Phoenix Sky Harbor à I get picked up by Kurt. He decided to hire Sharestorm to get his platforms ready for his Nature Photography business and after some day beers and mixing my Rising Hy with his fresh garden goodies, we had quite the feast. àWooks takes me to the north side of America’s fourth largest city. After a two mile, 100 degrees even with the sun down, hike we hit a Brewery and then call it a night.


Wooks and I hit the highway after I Jack-In and ShareStorm it there. We rip it to Tucson, where as it should be, our first stop is the Nugget where we greet Nick Nicholson who has moved back to the USA after living in Brazil for a quarter of a century.


After some 4th Ave brewery love, I finally make it to the Castle. Jacked in and loving life. After so many years of torment and distress, to be truly relaxed, at peace, and happy feels strange, like finding a yacht after swimming through a thousand miles of open ocean. As I lounge in the pool with the BBQs going, well, this is a slice of Nirvana. Later a storm seeps in providing us an A+ lightning show. It blasts the city of Tucson while the night lays claim to the land.


Poker, IPAs, great food, and pool hopping. What more can a Boneman ask for? Well, I guess I might have liked winning the poker game. At the end of the night, one of those Facebook miracles happens and I’m set up for a ride to Phoenix from my old school punk rock buddy, Andy Horsehead. Sometimes the world rewards us once we get on the right path.


The heat cleanses me like nothing else can. It sweats my toxins away, frying off the spiders worrying at the edges of my mind. I am a man seeking a rebirth, needing a new path. The desert dries me. I become a husk, purged of my past, my items. I become just a hollow shell. A void seeking to be refilled with new direction and purpose. I take a step








Thanks for listening and turn back in to see how my Trip back to the Lillies goes. Will I have to fight off dogs? Will there be enough beer for me to share with the frogs?


Grab some of my Skin-Punk fiction here


Three Guys


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