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True Environment and WildernessPunk

What you gonna do?

Call the Lilly Ponds Camp 2.


Lilly Long


Yeah is there really anyplace better to call Camp 2? Sure I could be in Arivipa or Coyote Buttes, but if I was, I’d probably just be doing the Wilderness and have to minus the punk pretty quick as I set off on a quest to insure I survive. I may have sacrificed a few things to get here, but I’m still riding on the wave of reciprocity I received for E-Jacking Kurt into the world of ShareStorm by making all his platforms for him. It took all day, but it was well worth it for both of us. He got and will be getting, about 1000$ worth of services for tossing me some grub, a few beers, and driving me up to the Lillies.


Yep, not a bad requirement to have to drive yourself into paradise.


I write while he gets his nature photography on. Not a bad deal. I will join him down by the ponds when I am done with this. I don’t feel behind in my game for I already took a dip last night before sunset.


Kurt Camera


With just a few supplies in hand life becomes easy on this end. Water and Sun. Good times and fun. Like a Disney world for adults, or at least adults who like to experience things closer to the real, closer to a state where one strips away as much of the clingings of civilization as possible. Moving through the woods with just a spear, dagger, and the clothes on my back


The land has an eerie calm today. Not a leaf moves. After all the rain, Northern Arizona has received a green carpet of life, which sweeps through the brown spikes of the forest. Even the bugs and birds go quite as the sun holds its breath, like the world is waiting for something to happen.


Camp View


Perhaps the real me is what’s about to happen.


What does it mean to attempt to get closer to the true environment? How can you do it? What would it look like if you succeeded and how would you even know if you had?


Big questions, perhaps too big to answer, but maybe taking small bites would help. So let me back up a little and create a new term. True Environment (TE). True Environment is a concept I would like to throw out into the world. I’m not saying I’m inventing as much as defining something.  True Environment is the idea you are in a place existing the way it would whether humans lived on our planet or not. So in a sense one could call it an area where humans have not altered the environment away from its natural state.


Hair Washing


In many cases this would not be an all or nothing situation. Most of existence is measured on the bell curve as would TE. Think of Antarctica on the TE side and Manhattan on the other side which we can term  HE, or the Human Environment.


Sure with a little effort most of us can get to some places with a high TE score which would be close to how a place would be with or without human involvement, but we must also be careful not to oversell a space in the TE scale.


Of instance, I LOVE the Lilly Ponds, but… We have sheep being herded in this area, houses are really not too far down the dirt road, a mile away lumber is being harvested, and Boy Scout camp lurks to the southeast. Also people have been collecting firewood here for decades. A wonderful gift for all who encounter this place, true, but are these woods and waters the same way they would be if humans didn’t exist, close, but there would be differences surly. Bears and Mountain Lions might be more common in the area just for starters. More animals might be migrating through as well. And I won’t even bring up the Crawdads again.


So obviously a place even as close to Nirvana in so many ways, as the Lilly Ponds, would not receive a perfect TE score. Sometimes when it comes to human survival, having a lower TE score can even help, remember when I found the huge tile during the rainstorm and used it to cover my tent? Then I used an old tin can to help dig post holes to make the poles holding my ramada more secure.


Human things help humans. It’s that simple. Face it, toilet paper is a good thing to have. However, an area’s TE rating does not revolve around how well it helps humans survive, it’s based, again, on how untouched a region is by the hands of man and womankind. It is that simple.


Cat tails


Now you understand the concept and I think the next step is to develop a system of measurement, because that is what OCD math-mind oriented people like me do. But that will wait until next time.


Improve, test, and reward your body and mind. Yeah, I just gave you some homework.


Trail II


Thanks for listening and turn back in to see how my Trip back to the Lillies goes. Will I have to fight off dogs? Will there be enough beer for me to share with the frogs?


Grab some of my SkinJumper-Punk fiction here


Lilly Cliffy


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