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Wilderness Punk… 8/19/16

Funny to me how this solo living, after being part of a family unit for so long, has become addictive. Even when I was being blessed with luxury, the best type of friends a man could ask for, and vistas of beauty, part of me longed for some of that alone time I’ve grown accustomed too. That’s just the way things are with us humans. Two Fridays ago I was feeling a little lonely between my visitors at the ponds, now, although I certainly don’t have to, I’m seeking out the seclusion of Camp 1.


Camp 1


Of course this is after a quick Jacked in Spree at the Monte V. Had some of the social there and a few times after, but here I sit ShareStormed up and watching the darkness claim the forest.


I met a woman from the Sioux Nation while walking across town in a light rain. Funny how some people are unaffected and good natured in the middle of situations where others might freak the hell out or curse themselves for being losers.


Camp 1 turned out to be mostly fine, although damp. Hopefully the camo tarp given to me by Geff will lower the chance of this happening again and also help conceal the camp.


Can you see me

Can you see my camp? This is the view from the front.

Ale, on ice this time, along with charged up tech leaves me fit, although darkness will descend soon. More of the social tomorrow as I emerge from to forest to attend a BD party. It’s the sort of thing I do. Missing some people. I need to contact, my family and a certain someone.


Can you see me know

Can you see me from the back?

I’m going to shut down for tonight. Like my devices, my batteries are recharged, yet, as always, being away from your home leads to gaining perspective and a renewed motivation to take up the struggle to build on your goals so they will come to fruition.


Guilt and joy battle in my mind. Like freedom versus currency, I am torn. Stepping outside of the mainstream is like climbing up a muddy back that threatens to send you sliding back into the raging river that most of us are swept away with our whole lives without really knowing it.


What is life for? Is it for love, experiences, getting more things? Who am I to say which is more reasonable? Am I living true to myself or avoiding life and the responsibilities that hang around our necks like barbells of thorns?


Whatever the case, I tend to feel that if you are striving for something and improving yourself, your life, and maybe a being decent to a few people around you, you are not only a success, but perhaps, just a little bit of a hero.




Thanks for listening and turn back in to see how my Trip back to the Lillies goes. Will I have to fight off dogs? Will there be enough beer for me to share with the frogs?


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