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WildernessPunk, Lost in a Sea of Woe…Shit

Wowy Owy Zowy.


So maybe making the birthday kickball game double play might not be worth how sore I am for diving onto the hard dirt, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I’m just kidding. It was great to be part of such fun. Yet, part of me feels like an outsider, perhaps doubly. Everyone there has been allowed to live the lives they choose. Firstly, this was mostly denied me for years, so it just foreign to me to have a relaxed time. Secondly, it’s just plan strange to wake up in the forest and then ride into town and hang out with people with homes and jobs.




Oh well, wah, more of an observation or perhaps me feeling the oddness internally.


Knowing a former Park Ranger from Sunset Crater is guiding us to both there and Wupatki Ruins on the 21st has me bumming rides with my bike to Jeremy’s where we rise early to pick her up.

.Sunset Crater


I’ve always loved both Sunset Crater and the Wupatki Ruins. I usually prefer to take visitors there as opposed to the Grand Canyon. Still having a former ranger review and give us a tour of the area is a rare treat. I felt blessed to be out there and learning so much. And, I should point out that teaching this guy about Arizona is no mean feat.


However, the shit side of the hammer begins to fall. Jeremy turns ill in the desert 60 miles out of town. Both he and I, but mostly him, have put a lot of money, time, and energy into the AZ Adventure Tours, but no money is coming back at us. I’m in a place where even a little extra money would improve my state, quite a bit. He’s stressing hard and the pressure is wailing on him.


Desert North


I’m asked to drive the van back to town. I do get some one-on-one time with the former ranger and after a few dozen miles, I share the WildernessPunk idea with her. She says, “No one else can determine the value of the path you take. It’s up to you to judge it yourself.”


Feeling honored and lucky I drop her off. I feel the draw of the forest, I mean hell, I’ve been gone from nature a whole hour. I mount up with a truly heavy pack and head out to run a few tasks.




The road is long, about 10 miles. I had managed to Power Up and walk a few miles, while making calls, plotting, and planning. But after a grocery store run, the weight of my backpack becomes epic. I feel the aches and battering I inflicted on myself the day before.


I have to first encourage myself aloud. You know, pep talk time. Then on the second leg after I hit dirt, the final resort, signing out loud, but I think the horses and a mule liked it.


More contacts, both good and bad form Camp 1, which is weird in itself, but hey, it’s part of this process. Now I sit, sore and weary. August in Northern Arizona and its already growing chilly. My torn up muscles give me some concern. I’d hate to be in too much pain to move and be trapped out here because tomorrow is a town day. I guess you’ll know I wasn’t if I post this tomorrow.




Thanks for listening and turn back in to see how my the rest of the month goes before I really head north and explore the wilds of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming?


Grab some of my SkinJumper-Punk fiction here




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