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WildernessPunk, Camp 1 and Having Fun

I find it strange to discover, after my back issues yesterday, that a night of sleeping on the earth has cured the pain. My legs are still torn up a bit from the sprinting, but I’m sure the 13 mile ride into town will take care of that. Also odd is… I woke up at 4:30 and felt no need to go back to sleep. I guess two nights of good sleep and going to bed at 8:30 will do this to a guy.


Storm Clouds


Yet, despite how lovely the woods were in the morning, I need a strong dose of the Cyberpunk side of the fence and about seventeen other things.

Pizza and Caffeine slams has me hitting the web and making a few things work. After taking care of some much less pleasant issues, I start back toward the eastern forest.

A pit stop at AZ Adventure headquarters brings me into the loop. Despite our setbacks we have purchased a mobile device that would allow me to jack into cyberspace from almost anywhere. I won’t be rolling out here with it on my bike, but it does bring up interesting options for some seriously burly possibilities.


Cyber World


Taking the Punk up a notch while we’re in the center of Wilderness.

One way or another we’re going to roll this.

I felt surprisingly relaxed when I made it back to camp one. I need to be careful. I might be letting my guard down and getting too comfortable here. Dangers from man and animal are a distinct possibility. Humans during the day and the animals at night. Something prowled around my tent last night. You’d think they’d be over it.

Random predators wonder through this area. My brother and I found mountain lion prints only a mile from where I’m camping. I know black bears and pumas go after people. I had to fight off a cougar in Colorado once, but I was awake then and had a sword in one hand and a shovel in the other. Out here, alone, and with no fire, the situation could favor the predators.

The coyotes kept up their howls until after dawn this morning. Of them I have little fear, but they are the gateway-predators to the real deals. Luckily the huge amount of tiny prickly pear has me constantly scanning the ground which helps with snakes and other smaller perils. So far Yig has protected me from such things and I haven’t gotten so much as a spider bite. Well time for some Pizza. I had to ride 18 miles and bum a lift for the last few, but hey, this is damn good pizza. Say are those Hatch chilies… nice.



Since this is the last night I’ll probably spend here for two weeks, in typical reverse, Alex Bone fashion, I bust-out the camp.  Early in the morning I stroll under a cloud laden sky. A fine midst had proved enough to keep me from writing or reading, but I had already finished a book, so I set to explore.



Pre-Camp Bust-Out


I managed to get some contacts with the outside world, despite the cloud cover, which appears to dampen my iffy text status. I was just walking toward a lightning blasted tree, when I spotted something I’ve been searching for this entire time, cut out sections of trees. It proved quite the arduous walk through the forest caring these three sixty pounds tree tables, but well worth it for me.

I fixed up and repaired the camp chair and now have a little table for both my morning and evening writer’s nooks.


wildernesspunk work station

WildernessPunk work station.


Again I suppose this brings up the concept of True Environment, I mentioned before. Do I really need an end table, or a chair for that matter? I’ve survived out here without both before. Is my presence ever so slowly eroding Camp 1’s True Environment?

Obviously, the answer is yes. Like most humans, I can’t help but alter my environment to favor my needs. I seek nature, but then change it with my hand upon entering. Still one could argue I have less of an impact on the overall True Environment by not using much gasoline, utilities, and other natural resources.

This will be my tenth night here and during all that time, I’ve only had one grocery bag full of trash which needed to be removed.

Flipping the dagger, it is important to consider the Punk(Cyber) side of my current equation. I’m writing and ShareStorming to in theory be improving my state. Since I recently lost about 95% of possessions, there’s the idea of starting from scratch and advancing forward. I’d like to get solar panels to recharge my tech, my own laptop instead of this borrowed one, and perhaps one day, gasp, a vehicle.


Camp 1 snag

You wouldn’t know my camp is a 100 feet from here.


Right now efficiently is important. I need to max my time and resources so I can rip through as many projects as possible, for overall, their payoff is poor. If I need to alter the True Environment to aid me in my goal, I have to allow myself to remember I’m an animal too. I have the right to live on this earth as much as the elk, bee, or horny toad. They alter their environment to survive and now I must too.


Camp 1 Never leave

Camp 1, I never want to leave.



Thanks for listening and turn back in to see how my the rest of the month goes before I really head north and explore the wilds of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming?


Grab some of my SkinJumper-Punk fiction here


Arizona Clouds

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