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WildernessPunk: Road Ripping

So yeah, after having my Driver’s License suspended for two years, being denied the Forerunner I bought and I’m still paying the insurance for, I end up behind the wheel of a brand new Jeep Patriot with only 3000 miles on it. Cherry red and fuking road-ripping. My father rented it, but I’m driving and tearing through monument valley during the combination of thunder/dust storm is pretty close to as good as life gets.


Dust and loki jeep love


As an added bonus, I’m getting to stay in Mexican Hat, which is something I’ve wanted to do for about 10 years now, since the first time I ever drove through the place. Relaxing rooms next to the rain soaked San Juan. My father and I walk to the restaurant the place sports in the rain and I have a sirloin as I watch the river roar by.


San Juan River


Sometimes there are moments in life where you feel you’re getting more than you deserve and I guess this is one of those for me. Are things so perfect I almost feel they’re bordering on the supernatural or is some sort of bounce-back mystic karma in effect and is rewarding me for sucking up the nasty so long for the sake of my children?


Whether man-made or a cosmic gift from Yig and friends, I tend to believe in the later. But enough of the self-absorbed whirlwind for a moment.


Dust and Thunder


We’re about to enter the land which inspired Edward Abbey. I’m not equating myself to him or staying that I wish to try, but despite the bad rap and blood soggy baggage the descendants of Europeans get, or subtly feel they should be getting after the history of our mostly foul behavior on this continent, I still believe we have the right to be one with the land.


Sometimes I feel it might be more difficult for us trickle down Euros. We want to connect with nature, but are still new to this hemisphere, while the lands holding our ancestor’s spirits are thousands of miles away. Especially in the west and in Arizona, we’re surrounded by folks with a stronger right and claim to the land than us, at least in theory.


I think some of the ill effects individuals and corporations bestow onto the environment is due to this fear to connect and/or the feeling we’re not part of these lands or even allowed to be part. Perhaps this is an idea that should be rethought, for if we aren’t allowed to feel we’re part of the earth, this will lesson our desire to preserve and protect it.


Horse and donkey


How about the idea we all have an equal right to embrace our environment. Race, gender, age, only an idiot would give a shit. I don’t care if your people have lived here 500 years or 5, to deny someone the right to become spiritually grounded in the land is what leads to its destruction. One could argue it leads to war, torture, and rape, but I won’t bother to go there yet.


Like I said before, we’re still animals of the Earth. We may wear clothes, silly hats, and consult the magic rectangles, but all animals deserve to have their place on this planet. Your place can be a box somewhere too, with more magic rectangles in it, but you may have a harder time finding your true self in the world of ticking clocks and controlled routine.


Do you think I’m waxing on about some nebulous big ideals? Do you think I’m full of shit? Really, how many people do you know that have self-actualized and embraced their happiness? How many people do you know that are backed into a black space, or having trouble with friends, family, work, divorced… How are things going internationally or with the world economy, everything’s just peachy, right…no.




Reaching an internal peace is the exception not the rule. To quote The Talking Heads, “Some people can touch it, but they can’t hold on.” Like the passion of a new love affair, the best of things can dwindle into mundania and drab angst if we let it.


I’m not saying nature can solve this problem, but it isn’t a bad place to start. For one, nature doesn’t let you take yourself too seriously. I don’t care who you are, a 10 mile hike in the Canyonlands will kick your ass. Even if you’re in rock hard shape, the environment itself is humbling. Twist your ankle the wrong way and you’ll feel real humble alright.




Millionaire, man, and mouse… we’re all the same creature. Strip away your gear and drop us naked in the Canyonland’s Maze and who has the best chance to survive? I’ll put my money on the mouse.


postapocalyptic artwork lakes 1920x1080 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_95


The mouse lives with respect for his environment. His is a world of danger and reward, fear and cozy comfort.  Motivation when needed and times when the harvest is reaped.  Give him a little water, some food, a soft bed, and guess what, it was a damn good day.


So who wants to learn how to be a mouse?


Thanks for listening and turn back in to see how my the rest of the month goes as I continue to explore the wilds of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, myself, and the path of the WildernessPunk?


Dust and monument valley


You can grab some of my SkinJumper-Punk fiction here.




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