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I’ll let you in on a little secret. Part of the theme of WildernessPunk is a certain level of conflict, perhaps the more the better, as even the title suggests, the dual characteristics are bipolar aspects on the opposite spectrums of our current human existence. Technology versus nature, but in this case complementing each other. Yet to pull that off takes a strange effort and can be an interesting struggle.


Balancing Bone


Net vs. Nature

Freedom vs. Stability

Individualism vs. Communication


I could go on, but you understand.  So just as conflict is an inherent aspect of human life, it’s also reflected in the pages of this e-quest to…okay, I’m go to stop and just throw the issue onto the fire and see if it burns or puts it out.


Yeah folks, you see the thing is… not too many conflicts afoot. Sure I have problems and things to figure out, but I’m hundreds of miles from my normal life but literally and figuratively.


Desert Ride


This could be what people call living in the moment and this moment is running pretty smooth. Perhaps some people are used to this…. If so, I’m not one of them.


Even my agenda was smoother than desert sand after a rainstorm. After Mexican Hat we headed into Valley of the Gods.


Valley of the gods Utah.


AW in oh so exciting Blanding fuels up us to check in of the secret camp site I made in the mountains outside of CanyonLands.


Canyonlands I


CanyonsLands takes us to Moab.


CanyonLands II


Today we spiked Arches and then I took us along the last of the once named Route 666, which we have taken from Kenyenta to a few miles south of Salt Lake City.


Path to the arch


One more night and then much of the rest of my family arrives. Then a new an adventure begins.


Conflict might drive much of our life, but what if we removed a good portion of it? The concept of always needing more, competition with others, and constantly proving ourselves through consumption are ruining us and our world. We have set up an artificial world, we think it’s real, correct, and makes sense, but it’s stabbing a slow dagger through our planet.


Maybe if the conflict between ourselves and others could be removed somehow. We compete with the environment, but mostly we compete with ourselves. When we compete with ourselves can we ever really win?


A warrior without conflict might just have to fight for something else. Peace, the planet, their friends, joy… what would you fight for?





Thanks for listening and turn back in to see how my the rest of the month goes as I continue to explore the wilds of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, myself, and the path of the WildernessPink?


You can grab some of my SkinJumper-Punk fiction here.




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