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A Real World

Yellowstone goes beyond great, but we strangely see our only moose while eating dinner a block from our cabin.  The kids are a real joy as is seeing such wonder with most of my family. Over all, I’m a pretty damn lucky guy.


I find myself being the most persnickety of our lot as we balance majesty versus the swarming crowds. I realize these masses of roving folks are nature lovers too, with perhaps a few braggarts and people fueled by accomplishment obligations. However such things are usually not my way of rolling.




Personally, I love the A+ nature places of the world, such as, Bryce, Arches, Grand Canyon, Yosemite etc. Yet, given the choice, I’d prefer to head into a B or B+ region and be mostly private or even better completely alone with my group. But I’m sure this isn’t a surprise for anyone who has read any of my previous posts.





Despite the hurt of seeing so many fathers with their young boys, these blows are softened but being able to be with my family. However, all things in life are finite, and I know that soon I’ll need to juggle my way back into some semblance of the Real World or at least my version of it.


So the question becomes what’s my Real World, but I suppose this is a question which plagues all thoughtful people.




Pssst… I’ll let you in on a secret.  I know I’m trying to sound all tough with my minimalistic camping, 30 mile bike rides, and giant breakfasts, but to be honest, sometimes my favorite days are the down days. Spending time with my family just cooking nice meals and playing silly games was just damn great. Yet, like the creak of a forgotten door, as mentioned above, the Real World approaches… little lasts forever, oh wait, does anything last forever… perhaps these mountains do or at least they will be outlasting all of us silly two legs.


Parting is so sad, it’s almost not worth getting together, but we all need to step up at such times. I have always thought there are two types of goodbyes, the dog way and the cat way. Dogs take forever and can’t let go, they make the moment linger until the last second. Bye inside, bye on the porch, a walk to the car, a conversation while in the car…


I always preferred to be more like a cat, short , to the point, and then pull the band aid off. We had something in the middle, but after we say our final goodbyes, we stop to fill up the jeep, and so does our other half. The nieces run out and hug me and my dad while crying hysterically. The little twins are hugging each of my legs and I kind of loose it too. As Mick Jagger said, “Don’t make a grown man cry.” Oh well, too late. I guess some Idaho cowboys got a show.




After almost getting killed when a slow trucker pulls in front of us, when we had no place to move, and we were doing 75, I take my dad and one of my 3 moms to SLC. Things improve. I get a hotel room and we use it for a base to snag myself a new laptop. Oh yes, WildernessPunk will live!!



Hey where did the pavement go. I wisely decided to press on anyway.


One drawback in this great fortune is I will not be putting any more miles behind me, but at the time I certainly don’t mind.  I get to Sharestorm, but this delays me some and the ride is long. I put in a good 7 hours before…


It seems good to me

To call Coyote Buttes Camp Three

Do Dah Do Dah Dee




I have now hit the second of my three favorite places in Arizona. Coyote Buttes. I have never camped out here alone before, but I’ve never camped a lot of places alone.




Coyote Buttes wasn’t discovered until the 90s, which is weird in itself, since I discovered it quite on accident less than 8 years after this high desert landscape of pure beauty became documented.


The rolling orange sandstone hills take on the shapes of gentle giant breasts and thrusting cocks as you pass from shadow to light and from juniper to cactus. Each place proves so magnificent, a person is forced to stop moving every fifty feet just to soak it in.




Despite how my former mate has done everything in her power to destroy my current life, I can’t help but feel I’m doing a tour of things I’ve discovered with her. We were always at our best together while exploring nature. Still, where I used it for inspiration, I always felt she used it as an excuse to push the Real World away. She would have embraced the wilderness side of WildernessPunk easily, but life needs goals and not just escape.


And that thought brings me back to another set of dichotomies.


Escape versus Real World

Inspiration versus Accomplishment

Brainstorming versus Completion




Will I be able to continue to balance the former with the latter? Or will the responsibly of Real World crush WildernessPunk? Things could go in the other direction where Inspiration and Escape leave me hard pressed to survive when the elements turn against me.


However tonight as the sun sets, I move to embrace the wonder of Coyote Buttes. I’ll let you know how it goes.





Thanks for listening and swing back by as the path of the WildernessPunk returns to Arizona, at least for a little while…


You can grab some of my SkinJumper-Punk fiction here.





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  1. This was a thoughtful presentation. I enjoyed reading it.

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