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Fear Based Folly Meets WildernessPunk

I ended up really liking Camp 4 and could see myself going back there. As anyone who has read even one of these WP can grok, I’m not a big fan of crowds, yet, when I am isolated, I’m not immune to the Heebie Jeebies and I’m not talking about my favorite Flagstaff band.




I know this goes a little contrary to the ‘Leave All the People Behind,’ idea, but when I get into the burly regions where nature still rules, like I mentioned before, places close to their True Environment, I tend to feel a certain unease.


Thoreau didn’t have such concerns on Walden Pond. A trip and slip or a dash of frost bite might have been his chief concerns. The west is a different creature. I’m not saying animals rush you left and right, but in the wilds and alone, a person does take some risks.




Yet, I’m thinking this improved vigilance is a good thing. I’m certainly not trying to suggest the hyper vigilance many children, urban dwellers, and some abused people worldwide are forced to deal with is a good thing. Never being able to relax leads to lives of woe. Yet vigilance in nature is another issue. Perhaps closer to being a solider than battered child.


You can train and be more prepared, similar to a warrior. You can have the right gear, like a soldier tries to insure, but when you are on your own, you can only look so many ways at once.


Sometimes your mind can play strange tricks on you. Movement, then nothing. I might need a haircut. Why does my swinging hair have to be the same color as a grizzly’s coat? Okay, a really dirty grizzly, but those are the worst kind.




And there is that one in a hundred times an animal is there and suddenly you go from flipping a playing card to protecting your family.


But is this really what I’m talking about? It is not so much that you could have something happen as much as being ready for it. You feel a little more real checking your own trail for venomous vipers in order to take a leak than shuffling barefoot down a hallway for the 70,000th time.


Western Diamondback Rattlesnake


That is the difference between this type of survival and walking by a gang to get something for your mother. Perhaps the latter is far more intense, but something about removing other humans from the equation changes things.


Sorry if I offend anyone, but humans are mostly assholes. Many evolve above that state, but that is our base selves and truly our animal self.




We are smart enough to think past it, but that is not a given. Animal state: Includes, sex drive, violence, selfishness, but also some of the better things in life like nurturing your offspring, mating, enjoying a good meal.


We take this Animal State, but pervert it with a concoction of mangled Law swirling like a self-important crust attempting to form around a vortex of chaos. All the while we’re proclaiming this is normal and correct, when nothing is static or accepted for more than a decade or two. Yes, yes some concepts like take care of your children and hmm… maybe there is a god or something, but those are archetypal, which is the part of human existence which changes the slowest if at all. I’ll be discussing those at a later date.




Let’s focus on Trump’s Make America great again. So that proposes we go back in time.160 years ago it was legal to kill a slave. Is that when we were great and the laws were right? When Native Americans were cheated out of their land or killed. Did America rock then?


No of course not, but my point is those times were not too long ago and we had Laws some majority managed to get onto the books which we would think are insane now. I have a point, really I promise. So to assume. given our history, we are somehow 100% doing things right now is a belief only a fool could possess. Again, grasping at a point. Humans are a shit show. We need to get better, not go back, but what does this have to do with the boy walking by the gang versus the solo campers in some lonely canyon?





Humans are a strange mix of Law and Chaos, we expect problems, but random chance, luck, and reason can solve an issue. You can’t talk your way out of a snakebite. The can’t verbally spare with a mountain lion. Bears can’t be bribed with money or favors. In doesn’t matter what your GPA is or if your brother runs the biggest gang in the area, if you fall off a cliff or get hypothermia. The challenges in nature are raw. It is the great equalizer. The real you faces them. Gone are awards, degrees, longevity at the workplace, your ability to wow people. The challenges big and small are met by you. The self you speak to at night and in the morning. No excuses, no mercy, you do it or it doesn’t get done. You stay safe or a Jesse Ventura said, “You lose it out here and you’re in a world of hurt.”




So who wants to go camping with me next weekend?


Turn back in as I return to the southern desert and finish what I never started.





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