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Fall… into WildernessPunk

It is 9/21/2016… and Fall has begun. With it comes uncertainty and with that comes the need for me to either figure out a way to seriously step up my game or make different choices.



First Day of Fall in Flagstaff


I never intended WIldernessPunk to be merely a journal of my exploits and issues. My goal, as stated, was to really mix living within nature as much as possible (True Environment) with the juxtaposed concept of not only communicating my thoughts, findings, and adventures to the world online, but also making the money to survive through my writing and my online promotion business ShareStorm.




However, with Summer now over and me living at 7,200 feet in elevation, certain luxuries I’ve enjoyed will be quickly disappearing. Chief of these will be my ability to live with great levels of comfort in a minimalistic camp without a fire. I also have financial responsibilities which will be requiring me, should have been requiring me, to earn more of that elusive green.


If I wasn’t grounded into this reality, you would most likely see these posts fade into the mists of the web as I packed up a few belongings and set off on some questionable quest, such as walking from Flagstaff to Tucson heading through Payson, Roosevelt Lake, hitting Globe and then trudging down route 87 through the old mining towns. Damn, wouldn’t that be an epic journey. But it is one that won’t be happening. (Or most likely won’t be.)


Back to the seasons. This year has seen my life changed and defined by the seasons more than any year I have encountered. Winter = hardship within my long standing employment of over 13 years, but no serious changes in my long standing status quo. Shortly after spring began, 97% of what most people consider their ‘Life’ was removed from me with a single lie. The rest of the Spring proved difficult as I was monitored by the state until, quite literally the day Summer began. Summer found me more released from their erroneous bondage and I became in many respects freer than I’ve been since my freshman year in College. Yet this summer was divided between having housing, which once lost, begin this experience we call WildernessPunk.




The Summer also became divided into what some might call bad luck vs. good luck or rough sailing vs. calm waters. I found it somewhat strange that my ill luck occurred before I moved out of my place and once I started WildernessPunk so many things fell into place, so close to perfectly, it made me nervous from time to time. Now, with abrupt timing, just as Autumn begins, some annoying complications have hit me. Again, I guess it’s back to the Real World.


Still, I have little to truly belly-ache about. Over the past seven weeks I have lived more and experienced more road trips and moments of bliss than some people get in a lifetime. Not matter what one might say, I’ve been a damn lucky guy.


I would like to point out that Wildernesspunk is certainly not over. If for no other reason than I’ll be staying in the wilderness for more than a while yet. Things could change, but they haven’t changed yet.




One thing that has changed however, will be my touring around. After my last climax, which I just returned from, I’ll be buckling down in Arizona and as the weather increases so will my determination to ride this through.


Oh, you want to know about my last Climax, the finale of my blasts across the west? I’m not sure how much is proper to disclose. My E-Book training turned out to be informative, inspirational, and over all beyond enjoyable. A perfect way to end my longer trips. A butterfly in my stomach turned into a butterfly in my soul.


Now is perhaps a bit of a calm before the storm. I sit in Wheeler Park just west of downtown Flagstaff as the clouds roll in. A bluegrass band is practicing on the green. I have 5 hours until my class starts.


What do you think I should do first?






Thanks for your attention. I’ll be back at this soon. Tune back in to see what direction the Chaos tips.





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