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Remember yesterday? Not yours, mine. Since then, 24 hours later, I’ve gone from being uncertain and insecure to determined. Even my spit of ill luck has washed away as our first Fall storm hits Flag. Funny how sometimes a person only needs a day to plan and plot, with a few conversations and some focused thought, things will often fall into place.




And yes, I have plotted my way into a plan and I feel damn good about it. Can I get a Hail Yig?


Some of the aspects of this undisclosed plan I find pleasing are:

  1. It is challenging.
  2. It involves spending time with good people.
  3. Is endorsed by people I care about.
  4. And best yet, should, if enacted correctly, will not only save me some significant money, but should keep WildernessPunk going, with a little love, to at least the end of 2016.


I could tell you this plan, but then you won’t be surprised and wouldn’t that suck? Is there anything I should/could tell you? What the hell, here’s a few teasers.


  1. No permanent housing until 2017.
  2. Besides some sleepovers, mostly camping until at least 10/20, which in Flagstaff will be no slacker feat.
  3. No major traveling out of AZ until Thanksgiving.
  4. Some butterflies and I are preparing to release about 6 of my novels in 2017.


Okay, enough of that. Thanks for allowing me to dig into the wells of egocentrism for a moment. So let’s contemplate the word Resolution. This word has two large and different meanings, but each of them are applicable to my current situation and most likely with yours as well.




Def 1: Resolution, to resolve a situation. As stated above, I feel like I’ve resolved much of my current life path. Hell, I got myself to 2017 and beyond. What might you need to do to plot out the rest of this year for yourself? Would it make your life easier if you gave yourself a few new goals or finished some old ones? What would you like to get finished in the next 14 weeks? How would you like to challenge yourself?


Def 2: Resolution, to commit yourself to an act, path, or change. For many people this is usually associated with New Year’s Resolutions. A personal pledge to oneself to make a change and bring your dedication to a path up a notch or ten. I suppose I made of few of those too. Chief being to keep WildernessPunk going well past the swells of snow.


Pardon my language, but life Fucks with your head. We all enjoy some level of security. As humans we enjoy warmth, food, predictably, income, a safe place to care for those we love… etc. Yet when we wake up in the middle of the night or have the quiet moment alone, we grasp for more. What might make us unique, what are our true dreams? Should you place your life on the table to make a crap roll for reaching the true vision of what your life could/should be? Most people don’t.




Sometimes they pick away at it from the side. Most of us have enough free time to dabble, but we have EXPECTATIONS. Society lays these on us. Family, friends, and enemies lay them on us too. Still the biggest always come from ourselves.


So how do we weight safely and security versus adventure and dream fulfillment? Another way to look at this is Law versus Chaos. What does it take for one to chance the Chaos? Pay off or disappointment, what will you find? What could you gain or lose? What will happen if you don’t toss that bet in and gamble a little?




This also brings up the idea as to what do you really need in life? This country has its expectations and it will be happy to let you know what they are and it mostly boils down to the more the better, the bigger the better.


What about the mouse?




Maybe smaller is better. Can less be more. I bet the Earth wouldn’t argue with that. Remember if you are indecisive, just think, “What would Yig say?”


Do I need a two car garage, or a car for that matter? I already traveled through 6 states this month without one. There is a certain satisfaction one gets from living with less. In the end, happiness is the key. If you’re happy where you are, then you might be doing well. If it isn’t broken and all that. But before I go, please also consider where your life is taking you and maybe your planet. When it comes to saving our world, more is worse, mice are nice, and the top 10% of the planet uses 50% of our resources. Now tuck yourself into bed and give yourself 24 hours before you map out your own Resolutions. And as Getty Lee says. “Even if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”






Swing back by to see how the chips fall as I dig in.





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I was feeling the hunger and a waitress just brought me a pizza without me asking for one and is giving my half off.

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