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I think there comes a time in every survivalist, nature poet, mountain man, and off the grider, where they wake up and contemplate whether what they’re doing is as good as it gets or if they are just another homeless loser. It doesn’t help that you could probably be quite a few of those things, pro and con, listed above all at the same time.




There is also a tipping point where friends, allies, and family are happy to be part of the adventure, but then begin to wonder how far one will take things. I’ve been beyond blessed over the last few months, but there’s a time the worrying begins.




WildernessPunk along with many other more natural pursuits, tend to challenge the status quo, also known as a person’s Cultural World View. CWV is, in as few words as possible, the way a person puts together their world. They create a framework of what is normal, right and wrong, fun and boring. It is a belief system. Opinions can be shared, many of us agree on certain issues, but like the whirling ball of chaos we all are, rare will we find a person who agrees on all our beliefs. Hell, if I get over 50% I know I’ve found a friend.


This could make me a harder person to spend time with right now. I’m just walking down a dirt road while others rip by me in their cars. This also means my current lifestyle confronts others, who are remaining within a system which most of us hate. I find I have a little awkwardness with some people as well. I didn’t have to wake up this morning and deal with an annoying supervisor and repeat some task I’ve already done a few thousand times. I’m not taking care of anyone’s needs either. I mean hey, I do things to help people all the time, but those are like giving gifts instead of often thankless, routine.


Conversely, I’m living with less than anyone I spend time with. A LOT less. I have very little cash, I’m not eating as much as the average guy, and well, I have almost no possessions with me. I’m also riding my bike sometimes 20 miles a day. Networking. Writing. I feel a distance from the rest of the humans in many ways.



I saved a little spider and dumped it far from camp. On the walk back I was watching a mated pair of hawks and stumbled over this very large spider.


Yet in other ways I’m closer to many of my friends than I have been in years. Certain barriers and obstacles are down. I feel free to be myself and with most of the people I spend time with, my new found time has renewed my life and I’m able to make stronger connections.




However, perhaps one of the biggest differences is the new Bell Curve of my life, which is alone versus diving into large social situations. Whether it has been family, friends, or events, I’ve been spending loads of time with others and having often more fun than I’ve had in long years. However, this is also tempered with whole periods of being alone. Sometimes I don’t see anyone for days. Even when I come into town, I will spend hours alone in some public spot writing.


I think this, at least for me, massive amounts of alone time also sets me off from most of the folks I know. In case you might not have realized, it’s an odd thing to spend two nights alone in the woods and then ride your bike 15 miles into town for a dinner party. It’s all good and fun, but those are harder gears to shift through than seeing half of the people all week at your job and then having a beer with them around the BBQ.




So what am I bitching about. Isn’t this the exact principle WildernessPunk is based on. WildernessPunk: A man can survive and enjoy living in nature, but still be part of the e-world. Or more simply, a person could live in both worlds.


Let’s just say, I’m noticing the more challenging aspects. I think of such things as, “How different would it be if this was my land?” But again, that’s the first trap. Mine, not theirs. It’s the way of the predator.


WildernessPunk is the mouse.


And a mouse makes his own house. So a mouse is never homeless. And I brought a tortilla for Lucy so hopefully she won’t bug me tonight. Signing off from Cammmmmp 1




We got through another touchy subject, I promise to embrace Dionysus more next time so swing back by in a few days.





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