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I’m Back the Return of WildernessPunk

Hello again, surprised to hear from me? I know I’ve happily spilled all sorts of jargon about the integrity of WildernessPunk and I still believe in what I have said, unlike the vast majority of our current politicians. But if there is anything I learned from this last election, truth, decency, and consistency are not considered important to most people living in the USA. Hell, if Trump can lie through his pouty lips and still get elected, why shouldn’t I be able to write about WildernessPunk from this rat room which keeps a ceiling over my head for another two days?




First off, let me piss off, well almost everyone. In some respects, I’m happy Trump won. No hate mail yet, hear my out. I always knew this country had a slimy underbelly of horrid people and it took an ass-clown like Trump to help us determine how bad it really is.

Trump is like a bug exterminator who, instead of bringing poison, covers himself in dead meat and candy. All the human cockroaches filled with racism, entitlement, and hate rushed out of their dark corners and latched onto him. Trump didn’t create these people, he gave them an avenue where they no longer felt they had to hide their true selves and let’s face it, their true selves suck.




Of course, not every Trump supporter is an evil, bigoted a-hole, some may have voted for him for reasons other than an agenda of hate, yet we still have to come to grips with the fact millions of people voted for a person who has no one’s interest in his heart other than his own.

Still, let’s back up a little. Oh yee of the left. Did you think there would be no consequences to your ever-constricting noose of political correctness? Did your concept of urban intellectual superiority and your removal from the people who struggle in the earth for a living work out well for you? All of you thought Hillary would win, didn’t you? Because you live in your own circles of self-indulgent rhetoric. You see things improving…getting better, but then you kept pushing, every increasingly obscure scrap of ‘God is Dead’ let’s replace his books with what we feel is correct and if you don’t like it, you’re a backward primitive.




Guess what, the ‘backward primitives’ won. You pissed them off for so long they all poured out to vote for this one. Finally, a man for the people who hates the people.

But again, the veil is down. We elected a fascist. Mostly politicians try to hide their fascist leanings, but Trump just came out with the ‘why bother’ technique. He took a gamble. He believed there were enough people full of hate for their fellow humans he could just come out and be honest about his evil tendencies and policies and win. Hey look, he was right.  

So, what does this mean? Are we all just puppets to the wealthiest one percent? Well yeah. Money runs things and the amount of money and power some people possess now is truly sickening. Everything else is just a joke. Issues are used to distract or fulfill an agenda. We are all so polarized we don’t notice the world creeping towards its doom while we scream at each other. And as we workers do this, the elite sits back and laughs and laughs.




Despite his endless lies, in many ways Trump may be the most honest man we have elected. It’s all out on his 10,000$ sleeve. He’ll send drones to blow up families with a heart full of glee and then brag about it. He’ll remove children from their parents and have people tortured and make no excuses. Laws and decency mean nothing to him. He is the pure id of the 1% exposed.

So, I ask you one last thing. If he feels safe showing this country his true self, what does this say about the rest of us?




I’ll make sure I’ll remain a very hard man to track down.





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