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Year’s End

I sit alone within a darkened house. Outside the rain washes over the deep green moss which appears to cover most of the exposed stone one sees in Seattle. I am back from a city hike. I return damp and revived. Like a forest within a city, I sit for a moment alone and dry within a city of unknowns.




Fitting I should end the year exploring and enjoying a city new to me as I live one more week of WildernessPunk, urban style, in 2016.




I could review the concepts I brought up over the last four months or I could wax on about the promise of a new year, but I don’t feel the need to trail down tired roads. Besides as far as I’m concerned, the New Year started on the Solstice and we’re already a good week into 2017.


One thing I will bring up is a few numerological aspects of this New Year. 2017. For me it will be the only year ending in 17 which is the day of the month both me and my lovely daughter were born on. 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10, which it the number of Hecate the Goddess of the Crossroads, Choice. She is also the Goddess of Law, Will, Economic Plotting, Magick, Royalty, Witches, and Charisma.




I have a few ideas and projects I’m ready to evoke during this upcoming year as well as a ‘To Do List as long as the arm of Titan.




Funny how we can’t help but conceptualize the New Year as a new chapter. A fresh chance to make changes or different choices about our lives. Things we want to do and habits we no longer wish to indulge in occupy our minds. A time to start and yet a time to finish. Often, they quickly become empty words, but many of us try again and again.

Does the Maid, Matron, and Crone offer any guidance for you? Can you hear the words of the eternal Goddess or is that your cell phone beeping?




How about WildernessPunk? What aspects of l

iving closer to the earth can you embrace this upcoming year? How close to True Environment can you get? What could you do to help the Earth or at least minimize your part of tipping her into oblivion. Is creating 60% as much trash as the average person instead of 80% really going to cut it? Is that good enough for me? Is that good enough for you?

Are you wondering what my goals could be? I guess this is my blog and you managed to get through a page of this action…

I have a 1000 goals. This is a bit foolish, but exciting as well. Turn in to see which 100 I’m able to pull off.

And what are you going to do?




For a while I’ll remain a very hard man to track down.





You can grab some Skinjumper-Punk here and help support your friendly WildernessPunker





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